The Amorites dominated Mesopotamia from about 1900-1600 BCE.  The DBA book lists the Later Amorites as 1894-1595 BCE.  The Amorites were a Semitic people, sometimes called Canaanites in the Bible, although they were ethnically distinct from the Canaanites.  They brought their god Marduk to Babylon and held influence there until the rule of Hammurabi.

The Amorites compiled the version of the story of Gilgamesh familiar today.  The arrival of the Hittites marks the end of their dominance in Babylon.  They were eventually absorbed by the Hebrews, Syrians, and Canaanites (N.B. the DBA Syrio-Cananite list begins in 1595) and by 1000 BCE the word “Amurru” simply refered to the region containing parts of Syria and all of Palestine and Phoenicia.

The army consists of a LCh or Bow general, 4 Bd, up to 4 Aux, up to 3 Ps, and optionally 1 Hd.
I have two extra Egyptian chariots which serve in various ancient armies.  I decided to focus on the Bd, Ax, and Ps.  I decided to depict them as bearded, with white headbands (typical of ancient Syrians as well), linen kilts, and hide shields.  The Blades are armed with kopeshes and axes.  The Auxilia are armed with spears. The Psiloi are armed with bows and daggers.  The Blades could carry javelins as well but I did not put any on my blades to help distinguish them from spear-armed Auxilia.

amorBdThe blades and auxilia are all made from Atlantic Egyptians.  Their hats have been trimmed.  The vertical stripes suggest curls.  The figure with his sword aloft had to have hair added.  Their swords were melted slightly with a lighter and pinched into a shape more suggestive of a sickle sword.  For some reason, many of the Atlantic Egyptians had straight swords.  They also had their shields trimmed into squares in many cases.

amorAxThe Auxilia had their hats and shields trimmed, and beards added with paint.  The shields look rather small to me and I may eventually add new ones.

The Psiloi are made from Egyptians and Imex Sioux.  The Sioux had their chest armor and hair trimmed.  The Egyptian just had a beard and headband painted on.


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