One of the most anxiously-awaited ancients armies for 1/72 is the Assyrians.  HaT’s Imperial Roman Auxiliaries set gave me the impetus to finally make one for myself.  They were the first great “evil empires” (flaying and impaling their enemies, conquering or at least sacking all their neighbors, and so on).  They also make up a colorful and varied army list, with chariots, cavalry, and infantry of various types.  I tried to make my army flexible enough to stand in for any of the list from the Middle Assyrians (I/25) onward, so I needed 2 HCh, 2 LCh, 2 Cav, 2 Bd, 2 Sp, 2 Hd, 4 Aux, and 3 Ps.  This fudges the difference between 4Aux and 3Aux (I use 3 Aux for all of them) and also means that in some case the LCh will have to pretend to be HCh, and the HCh pretend to be LCh for I/25a and I/45.  I’m ok with that.

The Chariots were the centerpiece of the army, and the emperor himself would ride in one.   I used one Zvedza Persian chariot, with the scythes removed and the crew bumped up to four for the General’s HCh.  The other HCh I scratchbuilt.

assyrianhchLeft to right the crew are a Carthaginian elephant crewman, with a shield added; the Airfix Roman charioteer, a HaT Roman Auxiliary, and an Italieri Roman (the pose with the shield overhead.)  All have had some knife and putty work, for example carving down the Romans’ crests to look more like the Neo-Hittite crest seen on Assyrian helmets, and beards added.  The horses are HaT Cossack ponies, with barding painted on.  The Chariot wheels are from an Imex Civil War artillery set (these have the most spare wheels and horses of any set except the OOP Atlantic Egyptians).  The cab is cardstock and the harness is florists wire.

The Light Chariot gives a better view of the triangular bit characteristic of Assyrian chariotry.

assyrianlchAll the chariots had these added as well.  Here the archer is another HaT Auxiliary.  The driver is an Atlantic Egyptian — the guy smiting someone with a mace-axe.  I melted the mace-axe head and stretched it out into a whip, and gave him a bushy beard.  The cab is scratchbuilt as above.  The horses are Imex Sioux horses.

Assyria is also famous as being among the first Mesopotamian civilizations to include cavalry in their army.  One element is just Zvedza Persians slightly modified to have pointed helms with no crests, full beards, long hair, etc, mostly accomplished with paint.  The second element is more heavily converted:

assyriancvTwo HaT auxiliaries were spliced onto some Nexus cowboy legs and mounted.  The lancer is a HaT Carthaginian command figure with his arm rotated.  My orgininal idea was have him holding the reigns of an archer as the earliest Assyrians might do.  The horses are HaT Romans horses.

The infantry comes mostly from HaT Carthage Africans and the Auxiliaries.  For the Auxilia, I used Libyan light infantry with new shields and clothes painted to imitate Assyrian short-sleeved tunics, pants, and boots.

assyrianauxThe Psiloi are again Roman auxiliaries:

assyrianpsThe Hordes were made of a front rank of four Auxilia and three Psiloi.

The Heavy infantry is either Blades or later on the Spearmen with body shields.  These are HaT Punic infantry, with beards and clothes painted appropriately, and card shields replacing the round ones on the Spearmen.



assyrianspAs you can see the plumes were trimmed so only the front bit is present.  This gives them the look of Neo-Hittites again.

If/when real Assyrians are made, I’ll call this a Urartian army (I/39).

<edit: Now there are Assyrians ready-made by from two different companies, HaT and Caesar.  Oh well.>

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