Ahh, the weekend!

Got a few things to do around the house but I’m hoping to get started a bit on fleshing out the rules document.  My first pass was to summarize the rules sheets from the two Paint & Play games and put them into a more logical order but I found that my summaries often changed subtle points of the rules.  So my next pass was to just copy the rules as posted on Scott’s blog (Sorcerers of Doom) and begin editing them but I’ve been very short of time to do much.  I have been giving some more thought to it though so maybe the final project will be better.   The main insight I’ve had is that the original rules only really allowed two sorts of monster behavior (hang back and cast, as the Vampire, Demon, & Sorcerer do, or charge in blindly like the rest of the monsters).  I think monsters with missile weapons should be “programmed” to move into missile range but out of close combat range when possible, and so now I’m thinking that every monster could be classed as an archer, spell caster, or fighter.  Even then there will be some exceptions.  The Troll flees combat to heal himself in the original rules, and the Dragon has a good missile attack…  Also my new monsters have a few quirks — the Mummies will try to choose figures carrying loot as their targets of choice, and loot even when there are other combatants they could attack.  It just seems that since their main motive is to protect their burial goods, they should act a little differently than the rest.

Ultimately I foresee adding all kinds of new monsters, and making at least one “generic” dungeon, sort of like the stripped down dungeons Scott has been describing (he plans to have no fixed features, more like the old Heroquest game, while I will still probably have some fairly generic features remain constant (a barracks, a bestial lair, throne room, etc. — which is actually sounding a lot like the Caverns of Doom any way, but I think it will be a lot denser with halls and rooms, and the throne room will be an alternative “boss” room).  Perhaps the hall encounter tables could include a trap counter, which may be real or fake like the regular trap squares but placed on a numbered square.

On the mythological versions of the game side, I have at last gotten confirmation that my figures from Eagle Games are in the mail (or with UPS) so as soon as I get them I’ll have a sense of how big to draw the dungeons.  My plan is an Egyptian tomb (not quite as elaborate as the Tomb of the Pharaoh), a frost giant’s keep (for the Viking figures), and for the Greeks, my original idea was an island (clearings and paths standing in for rooms and halls) to kind of fit with the Odyssey/Argonaut trope) but instead went with the ruins of Minos, so I could have some palace ruins and a labyrinth, as well as a lair for the Hydra.  The best pics of the Age of Mythology figures I’m going to use are here, but you have to follow the links on that page to see the monsters as the focus is on the soldiers.  I want each dungeon to have its own nuisance like the rats of the Caverns, so I may look into some other source, like toy bugs (ants/spiders/etc.) or just paint some peasants like ghostly lost souls…

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