Games I’ve played & not played, RPG

(In no particular order)

RPGs I’ve played.  Those in bold I played regularly at various times, at least long enough to have a character die, retire, or otherwise be memorable.  The ones in regular type I may have only played once, or a few times:

D&D (Basic, AD&D 1st ed., 2nd ed. D&D 3rd ed., 3.5, 4th ed.) Gamma World 1st ed. Star Frontiers. James Bond 007.  Palladium RPG. Rolemaster. MERP. Talislanta 1st ed. Star Wars (WEG 1st ed). Paranoia. Villains & Vigilantes. Champions (1st & 2nd ed.). Marvel Superheros. Fantasy Wargaming. WHFRP. GURPS (Fantasy, Horror, Supers, Riverworld, Swashbucklers, Autoduel, Conan, Rome, Cyberpunk, and many, many homebrew worlds involving some combination of historical settings, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, alternate time-lines and realities, etc.)  Shadowrun. Cyberpunk 2010. Over the Edge. Call of Cthulhu. Castles & Crusaders. TSR’s Conan RPG. Psi World. TORG. All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Buffy the vampire slayer. Generic d6. Toon. Dragonquest. Battlelords of the 25th Century. Amazing Engine. Underground.

RPGs I’ve never played. The ones in bold I’d like to try if I get the opportunity:

Runequest. Tunnels & Trolls. Empire of the Petal Throne. Harn. Chill. Chivalry & Sorcery. Pendragon. Kult. Swordbearer. Aftermath. Nephilim. Stormbringer. Amber Diceless. World of Darkness.

For the last two, it’s always been the people playing them that have turned me off.  Maybe they are decent games, but I’ll never know.

Reviewing the list, I’m sure there are others I played but can’t quite recall the names for — a supers game back in the very early 1980s that probably had a year in the title; a number of sci-fi games; and a number of home-brewed games devised by my brother, played at conventions, and so on.

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  1. I was freaked out, too, by White Wolf fans. I eventually checked it out with my group and we love it. You need a mellow group of guys, though. I know the type of WoD player you’re talking about and I’m not down with them either.

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