Now with 30% more swords

It’s been pointed out to me that while my blog has dorkery aplenty, there is precious little in the way of swords.  My bad.

Here’s some stuff hanging on my basement walls.

This sword is really nothing special but the scabbard is actual Amish craftmanship.  My friend Chip used to own this one, and he got an Amish saddle-maker to make a scabbard for it.

A bearded axe (not to scale).  I got this at a Ren faire and added the leather grips.  It is really light and quick but not sharpened.  The steel is high carbon and I’m always fighting rust.

A huge frikkin kukri.  The handle is long enough to use both ands, and you need them, as the blade is around four pounds.  The handle is really a bit too big IMO and actually make it feel even heavier than it is.  It’s a little over two feet long total, and supposedly these are used ceremonially by the Gurkhas to behead water buffalo.

A double flail. This would certainly put your lights out but it is not “battle-ready!”  Definitely a wall-hanger.  But the kicker is my mother-in-law gave this to me for Christmas some time back.

My falchion.  This was a super cheap wall-hanger but I moved the hilt down the blade and effectively gave it a full tang for about 1/2 the handle (which is part of an old sledge-hammer handle).  It used to be very sharp but the edge is beaten and chipped to hell from “sparring” with my brother.

A katar, or “punch dagger.”  It’s all steel and I blued the handle with a chemical used to blue gun barrels (to prevent rust — high carbon steel rusts when exposed to water and skin oils).

My battle axe (two bits = labrys or bipennis).  The head was part of a cheapo Indian souvenir, and I placed it on short sledgehammer handle, which is decorated with some brass furniture tacks and a leather thongs.  The axe head is actually decent steel, a little soft but the edges were actually hardened and are very thin.  I think you could probably take this into battle without too much worrying about it breaking.

My Viking sword and drinking horn.  This sword looks great.  But it weighs more than three pounds, making it too heavy to really wield in one hand for long.  The handle is not quite long enough to accommodate a second hand, either.  The balance is not too good, with a very light brass pommel and a very thick blade.  Still, looks nice. 

The horn holds about a quart and a half which makes it perhaps the most dangerous of all, because you can’t put it down until emptied!  That’s a lot of beer to chug.

One sword I’ll never own is an Urumi.  Here’s a link to  two guys demonstrating them.  The urumi is a whip-like sword worn like a belt and, well, whipped out when needed.  I have a hard time imagining it cutting off someone’s limb or head, but it must cause serious gashes and, as it is an expert’s weapon, I imagine someone who knows what they’re doing would go for the neck or other arteries.  It wouldn’t penetrate mail or heavier armor of course but it does have the element of surprise, and basically is a bullwhip on steroids.

(I’m going to have to watch more kalaripayattu videos.  Richard Francis Burton is his Book of the sword makes an oblique reference to a stroke used in Indian swordsmanship that was not known in Europe and it is hard to imagine what that would be.)

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  1. […] Monaco now meets the official Old School Quota of Sword Images, and shows Librarians some serious respect with some excellently useful links. Much respect to you […]

  2. Man we were stupid sparing with sharp swords. What happened to the straight sword and rapier that we used to spar with?

    • Oh, they’re around somewhere. I don’t think either was sharp so they are probably in better shape.

  3. “It used to be very sharp but the edge is beaten and chipped to hell from “sparring” with my brother.”


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