Why did it have to be snakes!?!

Organizing my figures has been life-long struggle.   OK, not a particularly important struggle, but still, it’s been a pain.  Take monsters.  Do you just put them in boxes willy nilly where they fit most compactly (to minimize the total boxes needed), or do you put them in some sort of order — by name, by hit dice/level/challenge rating, by type, by locale (swamp vs underground vs arctic…), by theme, etc.?  If you are a collector, do you organize them by manufacturer?  There are lots of possibilities.  I finally settled on putting most them in “themed” boxes.  So lizardmen, troglodytes,  and kobolds all went in one box; ogres, trolls, & giants in another; etc.  The drow and spiders I posted earlier actually share a box with my snake-themed monsters (“spiders & snakes”).  These are the serpent folk:

These “giant” snakes (on a 1″ grid battlemat) are a Ral Partha cobra, and two Grenadier  figures.

Some miscellaneous snake-monsters:A Grenadier naga; a TSR figure for the Conan line (The God in the bowl); a TSR D&D figure (a scrag?); amd another TSR Conan figure, the Crawler in Darkness.  I’m not sure why the scrag is with the snake-like creatures, it is more like a  mermaid-troll thing with 1980’s hair.

Here are three snake-men I got in my swag bag one year at Origins (the other people I went with didn’t want their swag minis so I also have a bunch of samurai from the same line but I can’t recall the maker.  In the center is a Reaper medusa, obviously the leader.

A Grenadier yuan-ti and a MageKnight snake-woman with snake hair, possibly a yaun-ti or possibly a medusa.  MageKnight figures are great because they came partially painted and usually had decent detail.  Being made of soft plastic they rarely break and can have some very thin parts.  Compare this to the medusae at the bottom of this post, which are lead-tin pewter and had to be cast with so there are very few or no small parts to bend or break off.

A snake-man (from the Grenadier Champions villains box) and the TSR yaun-ti.  I think it’s interesting that TSR reproduced so few of the monsters available in Grenadier’s AD&D line, but they did make a new yuan-ti — one of the oddball monsters introduced in a module and not in the original Monster Manual.

Lastly, two more medusa, in the more common human-bodied form.  The first is a Minifigs model from about 1975.  The second is Grenadier’s medusa, probably from 1978 or so.

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