No joy on the Lich’s Skull Island

(This pic is a pillow the wife bought.  What genius named their product the Cluster Puff?!?)

Unfortunately it has been a few weeks since we’ve been able to get a game together (maybe a month?) and it will be a couple more, with two players traveling and another studying for a professional exam.  We only have three players and the DM so there is no carrying on shorthanded.   So no joy just now.  We need everyone just to run all the henchmen! Here’s our motley crew:

Left to right, PCs in bold: Theoden (Ranger), Trogar (Dwarf fighter), Sifl (Pixie), Dagodart (Illusionist), Kara (Druid), Drendle (Paladin), Skrag (Orc fighter).

Kara is a Ral Partha AD&D figure.  Theoden and Kara  apparently have a history — she left him to apprentice with the Mad Druid because he was too boring.  Now that he’s an adventurer maybe she’s interested again.  I think she’s out of his league though.  The Mad Druid will likely give us some trouble in the future — he blamed us for stealing another pupil (our fourth player who dropped out of the game for reasons unknown) and then this one leaves him to join us.  Good tihng the Mad Druid is confined to a menhir in a grove in the woods! (We believe he is “Mad” as in angry for being trapped inside a menhir, not necessarily crazy).  I think Merlin getting trapped in the movie Excalibur is the model.

And he is Skrag:

This figure is a Bob Olley sculpt from his time at Citadel/GW and is actually one of the first of their “Black Orcs.”   Nowadays GW Black orcs are just oversized orcs with horned helmets, but originally they actually had darker color and seemed more like Uruk-Hai.  Our Paladin is planning to “covnert” Skrag to Good, which is a major change in play style for this player.  His last character tried to muzzle and leash a kobold captive as a pet!  But Skrag is incredibly gullible so we’ve been able to get him to join us and he will be taking orders from Drendle.

We are going to have to get serious about getting some more players, I’m afraid.  Good thing Raggi’s got our back!

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