Townsfolk, and a new pic of the hirelings

As always, click to embiggen!

Merchants. Left to right, a Reaper blacksmith, a Citadel merchant, a Grenadier dwarf, and some guy with a book I can’t quite place.

The bar staff. All Reaper figures.

Farmers. Left to right, a Repaer figure, a WotC plastic figure (one of the best ones they make IMO), two Lionheart peasants like the ones in my Anglo-Saxon army; and a really old lead figure that I believe was a pilgrim with a big cross. He has also served as a singing bard figure.

Entertainers, >wink<. A Citadel figure (maybe a raconteur?), a Grenadier sorceress who looks like a dancing girl, and a Reaper hooker. I can’t decide if the guy is a pimp or a prostitute too.

Guards. Three Battlemasters figures. I have about 30 more to paint some day.

Three more WotC figures. Two drunken brawlers and a half-orc executioner.  The executioner is kind of neat but that is not an efficient headsman’s axe by any stretch.  That is a freaking bardiche.  You want a small striking surface, really, about as wide as a neck and no more.  But I guess this guy is strong enough to pull it off with a bardiche.  Whatever.

Dwarfs. The first is an ancient Grenadier gnome king. The other one is a Citadel prospector. Both could use a new paint job, and the flash on the photo makes them look even worse.

The hirelings, with bases redone for the dungeon as God intended.  This also reminds me I really to finish painting my other hirelings.

I think it would  be kind of fun, if I ever actually DM a game, to name each figure (& maybe mark the base), so that there is a 1:1 figure to NPC ratio.  They walk into a shop and if I plop down the obese old dwarf, they know there’s going to be some hard bargaining, but they can get a better deal if they give him some pipeweed.  The shopkeeper with the book can almost anything for them, but it will take a while.  And so on.

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  1. That WotC pig-farmer is awesome!

    • Thanks! I nearly go blind painting these little buggers, my fingers have been reduced to nubbins from Xacto knife incidents from converting the heck out of things, and you like THE FRIKKIN PREPAINTED WOTC FIGURE! 🙂

  2. Hirelings to carry my loot, 5gp.

    Bribing city guards to open the gate past nightfall, 30gp

    Serving wench with just enough beer for my dwarf, priceless.

    • 🙂

  3. I like the Santa Claus dwarf (top). A Pack Ape would be most helpful, I’ll have to see about statting up one of those.

    “I can’t decide if the guy is a pimp or a prostitute too.” lol, indeed..

    • Gotta watch those packs apes. Sure they can carry half a ton, and go places no mule can, and they literally work for bananas, but when they go apeshit on you… not pretty.

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