The OSR’s newest 1ee7 beardo

…is me.

(image swiped from Eiglophian Press. Will take take down if/when asked)

I just realized that

  • I’m on the blogrolls of three of the OSR bloggers I admire most (Eiglophian Press, Jeff’s Game Blog, and Playing D&D with Pornstars)
  • I’ve had a couple of mentions on Grognardia (granted, I did send James an email both times, but hey, I’ll take what I can get)
  • I’ve been getting over 100 a hits a day, even on days I post nothing new (so it is probably a small niche of readers, some regular)
  • I’ve tried to help a few other blogs get attention by posting about them or adding them to my blogroll (and both Old School Rant and Middenmurk quickly eclipsed me, but hey, they are doing good stuff)
  • I’ve put some free pdfs out there (I should move some/all from Scribd to the blog some time)
  • I’ve tried 4e D&D and said publicly what I do & don’t like about it, and why I like an older style game

These all seem like bona fide Old School Renaissance activities.  I’m pretty sure one becomes an elitist beardo by self-appointment.  So I think I’m now obligated to grow a beard and my initiation will be complete. Unfortunately, I have just enough Native American blood to make anything more than an Amish Chinstrap unfeasible.  Oh well.

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  1. You’re totally leet man, it’s cool. And feel free to use the graphic. I made it after the last “TEH OSR IZ DUM” flamewar. Wear it like a badge of honor.

    I’m flattered you dig EP … and put me alongside James and Zak — whew, my stock value just doubled! I drool over your miniatures, btw. Definitely not a skill I was blessed with, but I appreciate fine craft when I see it, and Swords & Dorkery has got it!

    • Aw shucks.
      I’m pretty much in awe of the weirdlands, and generally use EP as the starting point for all my OSR blog surfing. Plus your site introduced me to Cyclopeatron, the Intrepideers, and lots of awesome stuff. So, you know, mutual admiration.

  2. Mr. M,

    If you aren’t Old School, I don’t know who is…

    You’re doing it right.

    • Thanks, Scottsz. This blog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for The Sorcerers of Doom project.

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