Modron figures!

Yeah, I know, sorry.

What purpose can modrons possibly serve except to allow DMs who use dice for figures to really mess with their players.

“OK, what is that d4, an orc or something”

“Nope, it is exactly what it looks like.”

“A d4?”

“Yes. Roll for initiative, it attacks.”


As many others have noted, dice can make very handy stand-ins for miniatures. Personally I always prefer to use real minis but my collection is mostly fantasy stuff and there have been times when we’ve been playing some other genre and decided to just use dice, although this always carries the danger of having a few minions being mistakenly removed from play when someone needs a fistful of d6s or something. In theory you could also use the faces of the dice to keep track of which die is which creature, or how many hit points each die has left.

Update: while searching for pictures of actual modron illustrations, I noticed WotC actually already did an April Fool’s joke about releasing modron (and flumph) minis. Sadly, I’d buy them if they really did.

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  1. I was quite surprised to learn that most D&D players who know of them dislike the modrons. I always liked the bizarre extra-dimensional galoots myself. I still remember how odd and interesting Holloway’s drawings in the MMII were (the first D&D book I ever owned), and was rather taken with Diterlizzi’s steampunk reinvention of them for Planescape.

    And seriously, I don’t think a bunch of ants is a decent replacement.

  2. I felt the Planescape graphics of them were more believeable… servants of the Great Clockwork. That could be a module name, couldn’t it?

    Servants of the Great Clockwork.
    An adventure for character levels 9-12

    I’m with you on the minis – I would’ve bought boxes of them back in the day and made a boatload of dioramas…

  3. I’d buy Modron minis, too!

  4. haha – hey! the despicable modron my blog header has borne for the last year or so! yep, i’d order one of the little buggers. that d4 with dagger has always been my favorite representation.

  5. Modrons are Flatland for D&D. Which makes them great for gonzo planar stuffs. Planescape version was fun too.

    (and yes, I’d play the Flatland RPG too, that it’s written by Marcus Rowland is a bonus)

    • Yeah, Flatland. Didn’t know there was a RPG; I’ll have to look at that. I just remember being somewhat blown away by all the myriad implications of the original Abbott story when I was in high school. After imagining how a sphere would “look” when passing through Flatland (a point, then a circle that got bigger and bigger until it shrank back down to nothing, and how it would be able to “see” inside closed Flatland rooms and what not…) I thought about how a human would “look” — you put in your hand, and they “see” five little circles, and so on… Extraplanar beings in D&D are way too ordinary.
      Anyway I tohugh Modrons were pretty stupid when I first saw them in MMII, which I generally disliked for reasons I can’t quite finger now, but they were much better as geometric shapes than as ants, as another poster already said.

  6. I love the concept of Modrons. I love them for the same reason I love the Wheelies from the Fighting Fantasy universe. They strike me as a great blend between sinister alien regularity (alien in the “inconceivable” sense) and weird fantasy. Those original illustrations were one of the first things that stuck with me when I was a nipper getting the AD&D books out from the public library for no other reason than that they were full of cool monsters.

    It’s be great to run a LL adventure with them. I wonder how my players would take it…


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