RPG Session reports

My gaming group pretty much always relies on summaries of each session to help us remember what is going on (we may go a few weeks between sessions — right now it’s more like months!).  I maintain a Yahoo group for the group, so we can discuss when/where to play, what to do about food, etc. before the game, and most importantly the GM posts house rules and the players post session summaries.  The GM gives a little XP bonus for the summaries, and in theory every player could post one but in practice it is usually just one or two who do.  Sometimes one of us will get inspired and write up something particularly funny or entertaining but a lot of them are fairly straightforward.

I’ve even considered posting the summaries on my blog, but I hesitate for several reasons. First, I’m not entirely sure they will be of that much interest to anyone who hasn’t played in the session.  Second, I have gotten the sense that session reports by DMs are considered interesting and worth reading but session reports by players are not (I’m pretty sure this has been explicitly stated at various blogs but I didn’t keep track).

So, what do you think? Are they worth posting?

As I mentioned before, I kept a relatively fun “Saga” of session reports on a GURPS campaign we played a good 10+ years ago.  Our 4th ed. D&D campaign reports are certainly NSFW or at least not family-friendly, with a lot of bad puns and in-jokes that I wouldn’t want to own up to.  But the C&C game I’m playing in now is pretty interesting (I think) and session reports have included an Onion-style newspaper report on the “home invasion” of a local ogre and a slightly retarded but fun filk of a well-known sea shanty, in addition to the more normal recaps and narratives.  Is that kind of stuff worth putting up?

Moreover, do other D&D groups use session reports/recaps?  Do you post them publicly?

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  1. I think they make nice reading. 🙂

  2. I’m with Christian, and I find the most entertaining ones are where the DMs detail areas where they struggled or especially succeeded (along the lines of Chgowiz’s old reports). That said, I rarely do this in my own session journals, and really they serve for the most part to keep us on track with what happened previously. The exceptions have been with my nephews where I find the kids’ experience particularly interesting and filled with potential insight. I suspect once (if!) my wife’s solo game starts there will be more introspection and analysis in the journals for similar reasons – she’ll be a brand new player.

  3. the ones i like tend to be ones where i expect the session report to, in a sense , be ABOUT something–

    if i read Jeff rients’ reports, I usually start out thinking: So this is going to be full of craziness and Maximum Fun.

    When I read Alexis’ I think: this will be about what its like to try to run a clockwork world while keeping it inetersting,

    when i read James Mal I think: this is about how to make something new and old school at the same time.

    When I write mine, I’m usually frame the report so it’s about testing out some idea that I would normally be blogging about and reporting how it worked out.

    When i read session reports and don;t expect any sort of organizing Idea, I end up getting bored–probably because in fiction, we KNOW there;s an organizing idea, so we trust the storyt o go somewhere, whereas in nonfiction we have to feel secure that therewill be a reason to read a series of events before committing to it.


  4. Thanks, Zak. You’re right.

    • Christian — yes, me too.

      @Bulette: definitely; “lessons learned” are best reason to go public; I also like reading about atmospherics and clever ideas PCs come up with.

      ZAK, don’t be so hard on Zak. We get what he’s saying. I hadn’t really thought about it but I do tend to skip reports on certain blogs that aren’t as focused, and seek out the other ones that will “teach” me something. Although like Christian I also just find them fun diversions, even when they go nowhere.

      thanks for all the feedback, guys!


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