The return of the Effing Prince of Dorkness

The last four posts were all written before I left a week & a half ago for a vacation.  I looked at a favorite blog or two on my blackberry while on vacation but I have not really kept up with the blogosphere or commented on some great posts.  Which basically means business as usual here at S&D.  Anyway we had a great vacation, roaming from Napa Valley to Monterey.  Here are some pics.

Castello Di Amorosa, a Napa Valley vineyard we briefly visited before the wedding of one of my wife’s friends, which was the nominal reason for the trip.  They sell really expensive tours and we didn’t have much time so we only really looked around the grounds.   The mix of round and square towers makes it clearly a pastiche of castle features rather than representative of a particular period (as everyone knows, round towers only came to Europe after the crusaders noticed how much better they were than square towers with those vulnerable corners). They had, in a very authentic manner, chickens and other animals roaming the grounds.

Monterey Bay is freaking beautiful. Beautiful.

Even when the weather is not great: Beautiful.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great time too if it rains.  But there are some really weird fish in the aquarium.

The Santa Cruz boardwalk, where the savvy traveler can find  vegetarian corn dogs!

(As a former resident of New Jersey, though, I have to object to calling a slab of cement a “boardwalk”.  The Atlantic City boardwalk, at least when I was a kid, was made of wood.)

There are Redwoods not far from the Bay too, at Henry Cowell park.

This is a picture from inside a “cathedral” of redwoods:

(The death of a tree often results in the growth of a number of new trees in a ring around the nutrients-rich, decaying center. Burls from the original tree as well as seeds which have fallen at the base of the trunk provide this new life. The missing central tree allows for a “hole” in the vegetative canopy so that the new plants has sufficient light for growth.–Wikipedia)

But of course the real draw for the Monterey Bay area is the banana slugs:

This guy is about 8″ long, but you might be able to stretch it out longer if you try.

While flying a kite on Manresa beach, we came across a stranded sea lion pup.

A park worker promised to call a ranger to “check it out” and “take care of it”, which I can only hope does not mean “euthanize” and “BBQ it.”  Riley named him “Little Beach Sea Lion Pup” in her inimitable and literal way of naming things.

Anyway, to get back to swords and dorkery, in the future I hope to get together a post about stripping figures, the latest regoddamndiculous episode of Deadliest Warrior, finish a few more posts I’ve been slowly writing, and run & report on a war game using the old Chainmail rules — as a test for possibly running OD&D as a miniatures game with dungeon crawls, duels, sieges, and set piece battles! Chainmail, with it’s three related but distinct combat systems, seems best able to handle all of those things… maybe.  If it is not too confusing to players.  We’ll see.

“Prince of Dorkness” is an honorary title only.  No challenge to the thrones of Dorkness held by the OSR High Rollers at the right is intended. Likewise, no challenge to Ozzy Osbourne’s earned title of “Effing Prince of Darkness” is intended.

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  1. Welcome back! Glad you had fun. ^_^

    If you’re ever in need of a blog subject…what can you tell me about the television show Galtar and the Golden Lance? I was cataloging a DVD collection earlier and that was one of the titles. Fantasy cartoons always pique my interest, and I thought it might be a contemporary or competitor of Thundarr, but it turns out that H-B made them both. There isn’t a lot of information out there about it. Happen to know anything about this series?

    • Hmm. Nope, can’t say I’ve heard of it.

      Did you check IMdB? There is some info there, including an episode list and some production credits.

  2. Prince of Dorkness… Great title and great pics.

    I think you’re gonna have to throw down a special mini for the character of ‘Prince of Dorkness’

    …I think you’re blog officially has a mascot now…

  3. Have you already checked out Forbidden Lore by Jason Vey? He has already done a lot of heavy lifting on using Chainmail.

    • Yes, I read that (it is included in its entirety in the Age of Conan supplement). That and the Chainmail rules were among the books I took on vacation.

  4. Love you, Mommy

    • I love you too, Mommy.

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