C&C campaign session report–with pictures

Wednesday was the first session with a new player, John, who I haven’t gamed with in about 15 years!  He wanted to play a cleric so he took over the role of the NPC Crassus.

Our DM, by fiat, set us up in media res, since it had been several months since we last played, sending us this narrative before the game:

Days of evading the Goblin King’s pursuit through the woods and the badlands wore on our brave heroes.  Only now, on the heights of the Dagger Edge Mountains were the howls of Worg riders too far off to hear.  How much time had passed since they left Riverbend?  None could answer, but what was clear was that the Goblins King was not  playing at pursuit.  Dozens of worg-riders were on their trail.

“We have lost them,” Théoden told Dagodart.  “Nothing can track by scent in these winds.”

Janna nodded in agreement but looked less assured.  How many times did they think they had lost them?  However, the winds were strong.   All the adventurers, save the dwarf and orc, felt naked to the winds.    (This is of course not entirely true.  The cold did bite the dwarf and orc but they toughed it out.  Only Sifl was unaffected by the cold.  He was, at this very moment, invisible, naked, and making snow nymphs.)

Rummaging through the supplies, Trogar announced, “My cheese wheel is depleted!  Three days tops and then there will not be enough food to get back down the mountain.”

In the growing dark, Crassus kneeled in a flat area of the snow.  Brushing the snow aside, he peered at a sheet of ice.   The paladin now beside him drew his magic dagger and peered though the ice.  In its light, the lifeless, blue, bloated faces of the goblins stared up at them.

“Hollow faces from Hades, but something else is down there… something evil,” the paladin muttered

This is the way!” Crassus shouted.  “Through the ice there is a cave.  The Creator barred the way of this evil ”

Skrag hammered down the point of his sword several times.  Twisting and turning, a pixie deep hole was formed.  Water flowed through the ice, filling the hole.  “Not thick”  Skrag remarked, looking to Darodart for guidance.

“I can protect us from the cold water but someone will have to stay with the horses,”   said Janna. “Not me!” (cutting off Théoden before he could speak) “You will need my magic to get back out!”

Licking his lips Skrag staid, “I ea..Stay with horses master. “

The current line up: Skrag (NPC), Crassus (John), Trogar (Chad), Drendle (Richard), Dagodart (Me), Janna (NPC), Theoden (NPC), and Sifl (NPC).  Skrag has a new figure and apparently I’ve been calling Janna “Kara.”  Whatever.  She’s only an NPC.

Our stalwart adventurers considered their options as they gazed at the frozen pond.  Theoden was selected to take charge of the horses while the party explored the pond, and suddenly the party was ambushed by a pair of yetis.  All but Drendle and Kendra were paralyzed with fear by the yetis’ gaze.

Not pictured: the horses and Drendle’s riding ox.

  • Drendle fell one yeti by himself and then the whole party defeated the second, but Theoden was badly crushed and nearly killed.
  • After reviving Theoden, the party realized the first yeti was gone.  They tracked him back to the lair, a large cave in the ice.
  • After much discussion, the party settled on a cunning plan that could not fail — they marched into the cave like they owned the place.
  • Mama yeti ambushed the party and was poised to hug the stuffing out of Dagodart, but Crassus saved him with a Sanctuary spell while the rest of the party slew the yeti.

  • The party then found, and quickly dispatched the wounded yeti, and then found an infant yeti which they decided to try to tame.
  • A search of the cave revealed several human bodies, which rather mysteriously all had eye patches covering a strange ice-like eye.  They were also blue, either from being frozen or perhaps this was their natural pigmentation.
  • Theoden stayed in the cave with the horses and yeti cub, who I suggest we will call Cha-Ka.

  • The party then set out to the pond, and the clericand druid cast spells to protect us all from the cold.  Drendle, diving in first, was attacked by a polar bear, which would kill him while the party struggled to save him.
  • The party decided to press on, entering a room accessible from the pond, and exploring further from there.
  • The party found and killed an Ice Mephit and then rescued an imprisoned rogue (Richard’s replacement character).

The new rogue, who hasn’t told us his name yet,  putting the “swish” in swashbuckler.

The PC death early on threw us for a bit of a loop.  We all agreed it was a good introduction to our game’s “nasty, brutish & short” tone.  Richard was a great sport about having his second character die (earlier his elf rogue died).  Although replacements only get 1/2 the player’s XP, his new rogue is actually a higher level than his paladin was!

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  1. I’m in awe. That group of minis is exactly the kind of eclectic mix of characters that just oozes cool.

    Congrats to all players!

  2. Cha-ka the yeti cub! Ha! That is so awesome. 🙂

    Those minis are pretty great. What a neat, eclectic group.

  3. Cool, glad to see someone is running C&C! I bought the books and am loving it! I got it because I was looking for a game that I didn’t have to house rule too much, and C&C turned out to be it! I have no time at the moment to house rule something that is too bare bones, like Swords & Wizardry. I’d rather spend my time preparing a game and then playing!

  4. Kendra?

    Is that another Jenna/Kara misnomer?

    • Yup.

  5. I enjoyed the write up on last weeks session and look forward to one on last night’s soon. I also plan to get one done for the most recent session.

    The above session was a bit jumpy and chaotic as we were all getting back into the game and the story as well as getting John used to how we do things.

    Last night went much smoother and was closer to a typical night of gaming for us all. I’m looking forward to next week already!

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