Session summary for 7/13/2010

This session had a bit of a slow start, as the DM was a little disorganized (have you seen my map?), I was completely focused on eating a pair of burritos, and there was still some work to do to finish Richard’s replacement character. However things soon began to pick up as we trudged relentlessly deeper into the icy dungeon.

  • The party accepted Luciano, the rogue, into their ranks and allowed him to take adventuring gear from the backpack of Drendle, as well as the magic dagger Kendra had been carrying. They did not ask, and he did not tell, where he got the lock pick set he produced later in the the session. No one accepted his invitation to smell his lockpicks.
  • Further exploration revealed a network of rooms, some empty, some holding ice trolls. The ice trolls proved to be fairly brittle in combat but their regeneration forced the party to seriously deplete their lantern oil.
  • The first encounter with ice trolls also featured a giant wolverine. Apparently the ice trolls keep giant wolverines as pets.
  • We also found a bottle containing another ice mephit, which we released accidentally. It summoned another mephit, but we managed to defeat them.

OK, that’s a steam mehpit, but it’s all I found in Google.  BTW, “Mephit” must be derived from “mephitic” which means foul-smelling or noxious. “Mephitic” comes from Mephistis, an Etruscan goddess of fertility the Romans demoted to a swamp goddess after they conquered Etruria. If you get the “A Word A Day” emails from here you knew that.

  • Sifl, our unreliable pixie, left the lantern in the middle of a room during a fight, and a troll immediately smashed the lantern, which was serious problem for our mostly human party.
  • A group of ice trolls was found slowly digging through the floor of one room in an effort to go to the next level down. The party defeated them quickly and finished the hole, finding a room littered with more “blue vikings with eyepatches” corpses next to another room holding 18 hobgoblins. The party decided not to enter the second level as there was much to explore still on the first level and they did not know where to look for the chalice.
  • Kendra managed to charm and befriend two giant wolverines, which should keep her safe in future combats.
  • At the end of the session, we realized Theoden should not have been with the party but watching the horses and Cha-Ka. Doh! Either we left the horses unattended or I scratch off a Minor Illusion spell (he never did say anything) or “Theoden” is a doppelganger or other creature in disguise….
  • Tom, the DM, admitted to using a dungeon he’d randomly generated online and in hindsight he was a little annoyed with the scale of the rooms and the surfeit of empty rooms. We still had a blast exploring it though.
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  1. “Kendra managed to charm and befriend two giant wolverines, which should keep her safe in future combats.”

    Or so we had thought…

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