Trolls three

Some time ago I was going to repaint a few old troll figures.  On my vacation a couple of weeks ago to Pennsylvania, I took along a toolbox of paints of figs and got them done, along with some henchmen.  Before I stripped them, they looked like this. (The Minifigs troll was finished much sooner and posted here.)

Here are the Masterpiece Minatures, Ral Partha, and Grenadier trolls as I re-painted them:

The Masterpiece figure on the left was, IIRC, sold as a “Ral Partha Import” back when RP was importing Citadel figures.  (I didn’t realize these were Citadel figures until quite a bit later, and had been shocked that the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition book had so many “Ral Partha” figures in it!  I thought, “Wow, they are showing other companies’ minis!  Maybe they are aren’t a soulless machine.”  But of course even though they had Tom Meier sculpt a number of trolls for them, Citadel would never show another manufacturer’s minis. )

Anyway all three are “true trolls” in terms of the old Chainmail fantasy rules, based on the Poul Anderson image from Three Hearts and Three Lions and his “Cappen Varra” tales.  The Grenadier troll is an AD&D troll; the Citadel and troll and Ral Partha troll were both described as “true trolls” on their packaging.  It is interesting that the Citadel troll has the hollow eyes and rubbery look, but the Ral Partha troll just looks a little more weedy and ugly than usual for Tom Meier’s trolls.

I now have one more Grenadier troll (an orphan sent to the Galloway Memorial Home) and I think I’ll do some conversion on him, extending his nose a foot or two.

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  1. There was a time that Citadel miniatures were cool. I used to buy them because they made good adventurer figures and really had an eye for detail. They used to sit on a shelf in my local games store (Games Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne) along with Chronicle miniatures and a few Ral Partha ones, although they were more aimed at the Runequest market. I think Chronicla got absorbed by Citadel on their way towards being the evil overlords of fantasy gaming and RP were bought up later.
    Games Gallery itself had a similar fate. It moved and changed its name to Games … nope, can’t remember. Games Something. It was still a good shop and I bought my first ICE Middle Earth modules from there, although I think I was still playing them using AD&D rules. Then came the second move to new premises; same nice nerdy staff, new Name: Games Workshop (dun, dun, DERR! enter the Dark Lord in a guise of fair seeming) Everything seemed OK, I could still buy a variety of games, they sold books and things and they launched what seemed like a good game system called Warhammer which meant you could actually use the thirty or so dwarves and the forty or so orcs you had without getting tied up with all those D&D combat tables. Happy times, a new hobby, more choice. Figures were still being produced with bags and backpacks, so there were still figures to use as adventurers, which was what you really wanted. Box sets and blister packs meant you could build up your figure numbers, and boy, did you need more figures! Only thirty dwarves? You can’t have a battle with just thirty dwarves (and only two of those with crossbows). Before you had a scattering of different races to handle any FRP encounter. Now you had to specialise. I had my dwarves, Skinny had elves, then changed to orcs, Geoff had something called Slaan or Slaad and if you were having a FRP game you would have to say “Skinny, can you bring a couple of trolls along … just in case we need them?” and suddenly all the characters are memorising every fire related spell they know and buying extra bottles of oil. I was too young and naive to think of misleading them and putting them up against a fire elemental instead.
    I stopped frequenting GW when the RPG books and modules were replaced by figure catalogues. By that stage even as a teenager I could see the way the wind was blowing and I didn’t like it.
    I put up with my own kid’s brief infatuation with WH (thankfully they never went 40K on me) and we tried their LOTR game but I am appalled by their prices and not too impressed by their figures any more. Thank goodness for the internet. If I need some Egyptian looking undead, I can find them without buying Tomb Kings of Khemri figures, although we never did manage to find any decent figures to go with my son’s brief SG-1 campaign – not even just looking for modern warfare minatures, which you would have thought would be easy to buy :0(

    • My brother & I got into Warhammer for a while for the same reason (I had dozens of orcs, he had lots of dwarves), and we had the same problem — now we needed MORE figures to build a decent army. Although we started with WHFB 2nd edition which was very free-from, at least until Ravening Hordes came out. Now if I were to play a wargame it’d be Hordes of the Things.
      I couldn’t resist the LOTR box with Rohirrim and Uruk-Hai but was not very impressed with the game and the prices…

  2. […] My unmodified version of this figure is here. […]

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