C&C session report: September 16, 2010

Sometimes the dicegods shit all over you.

It wasn’t quite that bad last night, but there were tons of problems outside the game. On my drive home it was raining torrentially, making me take an extra 45 minutes to get home, so the DM & one player were waiting in my driveway. Another player couldn’t make it*, as we changed the game night at the last minute due to the DM’s work load. When we were finally ready to begin, I got a call from my wife asking me to pick up my daughter from the babysitter’s. It didn’t register to me that they weren’t home when I got there, as she often takes Riley to a playdate or something on D&D night! And I had just picked up a piece of pizza…

So we didn’t really start playing until 8 PM, and being short our cleric we decided to recruit another NPC meatshield, and then had to decide whether or not to allow an NPC Lawful Evil assassin to join the party. (It sounds pretty stupid but we did. Hey, we needed a thief! Also, we had information that he was honorable and, the paladin thought, redeemable.)

We had decided last session to bring the fight to one of the (many) big baddies in the campaign, the Goblin King. But to get there we needed to cross a large prarie held by Gleep Wurp, the beholder/mage we’d tangled with before.


  • A wandering hill giant tried to carry off one of the party’s horses (we are now up to 10 characters, even though there are only four players, and we have quite the managerie: 19 light and one heavy warhorse, a pack mule, and a wagon drawn by two more mules)
  • the next day on the prairie we were attacked by wave after wave of Gas Spores. These bastards were also rigged to spy for Gleep Wurp, which would lead to trouble. I think this is the first time I ever fought Gas Spores, but I knew they couldn’t be beholders as two appeared the first time.

  • deciding that the wagon was slowing us down too much, and an NPC’s concern about the amount of poison known to be used by the guards of the dwarven mine we plan to use to sneak into the Goblin King’s castle, made us decide to turn back
  • our way was blocked by 20 heavily armed and armored hobgoblins led by a witch. We rode around them rather than fight
  • My illusionist had to sneak into the town (under guard by more hobgoblins, alerted by Gleep Wurp) to get antivenom and torches (we need a piquet of torches to see the gas posres, which seem to infest the prairie and are active both night and day
  • We finally ditch the wagon and head out with the torches on horseback, determined to outrun any pursuers

That was about five or six Gas Spore encounters, a Hill Giant, and two more hobgoblin encounters, all finished in two hours with plenty of time to roleplay recruitment of NPCs and debate torching the whole damn the prairie, which was tall and dry in the late summer (our druid wouldn’t have it). I’m glad we are playing something rules light! I doubt we’d get through a couple encounters in two hours in later editions of D&D….

<I will try to stage & post some pictures later, but may not have time since we’re camping this weekend!>

*No doubt the source of all the bad karma! I rather cavalierly insisted on gaming without him rather than wait until next week!

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  1. Mike,

    I have a couple of pics I took of the Hill Giant and the Hobgoblins along the walls of Crossroads. If you don’t get anything else added at least those will be in my summary that I post this weekend.

    Im still trying to clean off that Hill Giant blood from Trogar’s club and armor! LOL

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