Setting: The City-state of Telengard

Tom & John have encouraged me to take the plunge into DMing and I think I finally will. I’ve been trying to wait until I finish this or that project first but there will never be a “perfect” time and I may as well go for it.

I’m going to call the setting Telengard, in honor of the classic computer dungeon crawl game, and also because it reminds me a bit of “Midgard,” and so fits with some Norse myth ideas I’m working into it, and also “Telen” (perhaps because of “Tele-“) suggests classical mythology to me. “Telengard” will be the name of the city-state the game will begin in, as well as the name of the megadungeon near the city, in the tradition of Greyhawk and Blackmoor!

The setting itself will draw on the character background I wrote up for my illusionist (Dagodart Stav) in the C&C campaign I’m a player in. It is basically a mid-sized city-state similar to what you’d expect to find in late classical Greece, situated near a huge mountain that held a copper mine. The copper miners accidentally dug into a forgotten underworld…the megadungeon now known (somewhat confusingly) as Telengard. There will be an Adventurer’s Guild that both helps (and hinders) adventurers, growing in the boom-town arising from the sudden appearance of massive hauls of loot from the dungeon. A Hireling’s Guild also will also be there. The dungeon has, in effect, created a sort of tourist industry, drawing in adventurers who hope to loot the dungeon.

I’m about 99% set on using Labyrinth Lord, as the system that seems the most simple for me and easiest to pick up for players, as well as being compatible with so much of the OSR stuff out there on the internet should I wish to use published dungeons. It also looks very suitable for house-ruling and modifying should I be inclined to do so. (I’m pretty sure I’ll be adopting several of the simple rules in Telecanter’s compilation).

I plan to settle on a few house-rules and put together a character sheet reflecting them, and outline the alignments & religions of the setting, draw a rough map, and design some dungeon levels, and I should be good to go.
Say, in a month. 🙂

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  1. Telengard! I love it! Will it have 50 levels as in the computer game? And you need taverns named after the ones in the game, too…The Goodly Mug Tavern seemed to be where I made my home base way back then.

    At some point, you have to have an encounter where you can say, “The 35th level halfling makes a quick move. The 35th lveel halfling has stolen your sword +12.”

    • More importantly, players will need to be the first to yell “Snarf it!” to get first dibs on treasure.

      But yes, I’m going to steal the inns’ names, and various things from the computer game, as well as maps from Bard’s Tale and stuff from Ultima…

  2. Good luck with the game! Keep us posted on your progress. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christian!

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