The Hireling’s Guild

In Skara Brae, hirelings may be hired in the usual manner, or you may stop by the Hireling’s Guild. Guild members come to the job fully equipped and generally meet or exceed all reasonable expectations in terms of professionalism and morale. The Guild also offers specialists in many areas of service.

All Guild members must be supplied with five day’s trail rations and a water skin upon hiring. This, and the cost of all their equipment, is included in the fee listed for each hireling. After the initial hire fee, guild hirelings generally command 2 GP per day on expedition. Although they are technically non-combatants, many carry arms of some kind and all will defend themselves and other guild members if attacked by monsters. The guild trains all its members to form a defensive circle (ideally behind a protective wall of adventurers) and make a fighting withdrawl whenever foes make contact with them. For these reasons they have slightly better than normal survival rates for hirelings. Also, any time three or more guild members are hired by a party, they will elect their own steward to voice their concerns and negotiate with the party. The steward is usually the oldest hireling. Finally it should be noted that guild hirelings will not hire onto expeditions employing “scabs” (non-guild member hirelings) except in cases where no guild member can perform the same function (for example, alchemists and sages).

(In game terms, players may not more noncombatant hirelings into combat.  Guild hirelings will shoot/throw ranged weapons at monsters, and will fight in hand to hand only if necessary.)


Stabby John. Lantern bearer. Equipment: Broadsword, bullseye lantern, backpack, five flasks of lantern oil, belt pouch, leather armor, helm. 40 GP.

Stabby John

Humbert the Nightwatchman. Lantern bearer. Equiment: Spear, sword, mail armor, helm, backpack, hooded lantern, five flasks of lantern oil, blanket. 100 GP.

Drogo the Linkboy. Torchbearer. Equipment: Hand axe, dagger, belt pouch, eight torches, flint & steel. 10 GP.

Sansha. Torchbearer. Equiment: Spear, sword, mail armor, helm, backpack, ten torches, flint & steel. 94 GP.

Giselda the Grim, Drogo the linkboy, Stabby John, Schnozzi Thunnarson, Blazin’ Bjorn

Griselda the Grim. Lantern bearer. Equiment: Crossbow, 10 bolts in case, shortsword, mail armor, wooden shield, hooded lantern, backpack, five flasks of lantern oil, wineskin. 130 GP.

Blazin’ Bjorn. Lantern bearer. Equiment: Mattock, mail armor, helm, bullseye lantern, belt pouch, five flasks of lantern oil, five candles, skin of ale. 103 GP.

Otto E. Radek. Torchbeaer. Equipment: Spear, longsword, dagger, mail armor, helm, backpack, ten torches, flint & steel. 96 GP.

The Late Torchy L’Flamer. Lantern bearer. Equipment: Hooded lantern, two flasks of oil. 25 GP. Undead hirelings cannot speak, do not eat or rest, and are subject to turning. (A Speak with Dead spell will allow communication with an undead hireling for the spells duration).

L to R: Jonno, The Late Torchy L’flamer, Jacko

Tor the Cautious. Lanternbearer. Equimpent: Plate armor, longsword, bullseye lantern, five flasks of oil, five candles, flint & steel. 470 GP.

Schnozzi Thunnarson. Mail armor, small wooden shield, short sword, bullseye lantern, backpack, six flasks of oil. 100 GP.

Schnozzi Thunnarson


Godfrey. Porter. Dagger, 50′ rope, large sack. 6 GP.

Saxo. Porter. Helmet, sword, dagger, belt pouch. 20 GP.

L to R: Flux and Emesis, Mr. Growly, Sansha, Saxo, Gonzolez the Unlucky, Dipsy, Humbert the nightwatchman, Heinzie

Heinzie. Porter. Beret, dagger, two large pouches. 6 GP.

Gonzolez the Unlucky. Porter. Hand axe, helmet, belt pouch. 10 GP. Gonzolez often finds himself carting bodies back to town rather than loot.

Mr. Growly. Porter. Frame backpack. 40 GP. Mr. Growly is an ape (probably a gorilla) and can understand simple commands as well as sign language. He can climb anything that can bear his weight and provided minimal handholds. He cannot swim. His great strength lets him carry as much as pack mule (400 lb.)

Jacko and Jonno. Porters.  Skeletons (see The Late Torchy above). 15 GP each.

Flux and Emesis. Porters. Mail armor, long swords, hand axe (Flux), Dagger (Emesis), backpacks. 175 GP. Flux & Emsis are experienced porters and always work as a team, and so must be hired together.

Flux and Emesis


Squire Murphy. Weapon caddy. Leather armor, backpack, blanket. 10 GP. Will carry an extra shield and up to three spare weapons, and hand them to his boss on demand.

Sven the Torch. Torch, ten flasks of oil, belt pouch, 50′ rope, dagger. 12 GP. Sven specializes in hurling flaming oil.

L to R: Slim and Swifty, Sven the Torch, Hammerin' Hank, Squire Murphy

Slim and Swifty. Scouts. Spear, daggers, leather armor, cloaks. 30 GP. Slim and Swifty will act as lookouts and take a two to four hour watch shift at camp.

Hammerin’ Hank. Door spiker. Backpack, short sword, dagger, helmet, leather armor, bag of 20 iron spikes, hammer, three wooden stakes. 30 GP.

Dipsy. Potion tester. Wooden shield, short sword, padded armor. 30 GP. Dispy will test potions, and can identify poison by smell 50% of the time and by taste (if he makes his save) 100% of the time. He can identify other potions with a 50% accuracy. He will immediately consume Sweetwater and Longevity potions if he tastes them. No refunds.

More to come.

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  1. Incredible post! I’m using those hirelings – I love how they are specialists.

    I’m picturing Dipsy getting into a drinking contest…

  2. Fun post! Nice to see everyone painted up and ready to go, and the guild’s terms are respectable. I especially like our beloved, quirky old friend Dipsy. Serious huevos on that one. The most wealthy group of hirelings I’ve ever seen though – I guess those regular dues are worth it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I still have a few hirelings left to finish (or begin) but haven’t picked up a paint brush in over a month…maybe time to switch gears to some monsters for a while.

  3. What a creative post! Very well done. I like Dipsy!

  4. Love this!
    I was thinking we should have a pic of the figure on the character sheet of all characters. Maybe even have a stack of “blank” character sheets with figures picks and classes and equipment filled out and people can sort through them.

    • I was thinking that *someday* I’d put all the hirelings in a single document, with stats and pictures, and print it as a digest sized booklet. Roster of the Hireling’s guild.
      And then a similar booklet of Men-at-arms for hire, and other NPCs like tavernkeepers and merchants, and then monsters…
      Too many ideas, too little time.

  5. […] potions and no money to identify them at the alchemist’s, but their hireling told them about Dipsy, the potion tester, and they hired him.  He was able to identify all the potions.  Probably.  […]

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