The Telengard player handouts

I put together a digest of the house rules I’m using in my Labyrinth Lord game, which also walks the player through character generation.  It comes to five pages, counting a title page and some art from the DMG and the Holmes book.*

I also cut & pasted all the spells from LL into two spell books that players who use spell casters can use to look up their spells without borrowing my book and also use to note which spells are in their PC’s books.  The cleric book also reprints the turning table, so really all the players should be able to get by with their one-page character sheet and a spell book if they are casters.   I’m thinking I should have excised all spells over 5th level, since the PCs are unlikely to need them for a long time and the MU spell book is a little thick.  (I’m also toying with just eliminating all those high level spells “off the rack” and making high level casters find or research their own spells level 6 through 9.  The back page of each book also has a place to check off the spells known and memorized by a PC, for easy reference.  Of course I’m not going to post those spell books, since they would be essentially copyright violations.

So anyway I can post the character sheet and the weapons & armor charts, which were mostly done by my brother (although I did of course give him some instructions on the character sheets, and also discussed the armor stuff with him at some length).  The weapons are here: Revised LL Weapons.  The weapons are consolidated a bit, with a few given a flat “to hit” bonus because they are two handed (polearms), good at armor piercing (picks), or both (flails).  Helms are given one point of AC value, while most armors were downgraded a point so you need to add a helmet to your mail for full protection.  Shields give no AC bonus to full plate (which is already equal to plate mail + shield).  Historically when full plate was available, shields generally fell out of use because they added little protection t someone already encased in plate.  You might still carry a shield while in full plate because of the “shields will be splintered!” rule, though, or if you find a magic shield.

The character sheet is here: Telengard Character Sheet.


*I went to the trouble of footnoting where all the rules I’m stealing from other people come from but, ironically, used the art without permission, so I won’t post the pdfs here until I redo them with public domain art.  The house rules are basically what I already posted earlier anyway, no big surprises.

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  1. Looking at the weapons charts carefully, there is a subtle thing about a flat to-hit bonus for armor-piercing weapons I have not noticed before.

    Namely, the bonus counts more when fighting a strong AC than weak. So if you need a 19 to hit, a +2 bonus doubles your chance to hit and average damage against the foe. If you need only an 11, it gives you only a 20% bonus. This is a nice emergent property of the system, certainly more elegant than my attempt to have such weapons get to-hit bonuses only against strong AC.

    • Well that’s interesting. We were mainly interested in keeping it as simple as possible…maybe the variable impact of the bonus occurred to Tom though.

  2. Hi, i just thought i’d post and let you know your blogs layout is really messed up on the K-Melonbrowser. Anyhow keep up the good work.

    • Oh, it’s pretty messed up period. I should consider a new template some time.

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