Gamers at the Library of Congress

Maybe you know that you can find RPG materials at your public library around Dewey number 793.93, and war games around 793.9 (as well as 355 for military simulations!).  The next time you’re at an academic or research library that uses LC call numbers, though, you’ll be wanting to browse GV1496.6 for RPGs (and U310 for war games).

Take a gander at the established call numbers for individual games (any game not on the list ought to class at GV1469.63, but I find that careless catalogers sometimes invent their own number within GV1469.62 to force the titles into alphabetical order).  You will notice some oddities (certain GURPS and White Wolf source books got their own numbers, yet all editions of D&D and it’s supplements got shoved into a single number!; some really obscure games, etc.).  I don’t know if that means GURPS and White Wolf are especially popular at LC or if is more a matter of certain games being more (or less) prominently “branded” and seeming distinct (or not) or what.  Browsing LC’s virtual shelves suggests these call numbers are not necessarily consistently applied (which comes as no surprise to me, actually), and also that they have one heck of a collection.

GV1469.62.A24    Aberrant
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons see GV1469.62.D84
GV1469.62.A35     All Flesh Must Be Eaten
GV1469.62.A4       Amazing Engine
GV1469.62.A42    Amber
GV1469.62.A73    Aria
GV1469.62.A75    Armageddon
GV1469.62.A77    Ars Magica
GV1469.62.A93    Avant Charlemagne (Game)
GV1469.62.B36    BattleTech
GV1469.62.B54    Big Eyes, Small Mouth
GV1469.62.C34    Call of Cthulhu
GV1469.62.C36    Castle Falkenstein
GV1469.62.C43    Champions
GV1469.62.C44    Changeling
GV1469.62.C45    Chill
GV1469.62.C47    Chronopia
GV1469.62.C89    Cyberpunk
GV1469.62.C92    Cyberworld
GV1469.62.D2      d20 Modern (Game)
GV1469.62.D365    Dark Ages: Inquisitor
GV1469.62.D367    Dark Ages: Mage
GV1469.62.D37      Dark Ages: Vampire
GV1469.62.D373    Dark Ages: Werewolf
GV1469.62.D43     Deadlands
GV1469.62.D46     Demon (Game)
GV1469.62.D65    Don’t Look Back
GV1469.62.D84    Dungeons and Dragons
GV1469.62.E17    Earthdawn
GV1469.62.E45    Empire Galactique
GV1469.62.E79    Everlasting
GV1469.62.E82    Exalted
GV1469.62.F32    Fading Suns
GV1469.62.F33    Faerie Mound of Dragonkind
GV1469.62.F37    Fates Worse Than Death
GV1469.62.F56    Final Bug
GV1469.62.F65    Forge: Out of Chaos
GV1469.62.F72    Freebase
GV1469.62.F74    Freeway Warrior
GV1469.62.F77    Friends & Foes
GV1469.62.F84    Fudge
GV1469.62.G85    GURPS
GV1469.62.G86    GURPS Dinosaurs
GV1469.62.G87    GURPS Goblins
GV1469.62.G88    GURPS Reign of Steel
GV1469.62.H45    Heroes Unlimited
GV1469.62.H54    High Fantasy
GV1469.62.H64    Hol
GV1469.62.H85    Hunter
GV1469.62.I5       In Nomine
GV1469.62.I53    Initial Reaction
GV1469.62.I84    Island of Kesmai
GV1469.62.L43    Legend of the Five Rings
GV1469.62.L45    Legendmaker
GV1469.62.L57    Little Fears
GV1469.62.L67    Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game
GV1469.62.M29    Mage
GV1469.62.M34    Magic: The Gathering
GV1469.62.M42    Mecha (Game)
GV1469.62.M43    Mechanoids
GV1469.62.M45    Men in Black
GV1469.62.M53    Middle-Earth
GV1469.62.M66    Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved
GV1469.62.M84    Mummy: The Resurrection
GV1469.62.N48    NetRunner
GV1469.62.N63    Nobilis
GV1469.62.O77    Orpheus
GV1469.62.P34    Palladium
GV1469.62.P36    Paranoia
GV1469.62.P44    Pelicar
GV1469.62.P67    Portal
GV1469.62.P73    Prime Directive
GV1469.62.P75    Prince Valiant
GV1469.62.R28    Ravenloft
GV1469.62.R34    Rifts
GV1469.62.R62    Robotech
GV1469.62.S36    Scorpion Swamp
GV1469.62.S46    Sentinels
GV1469.62.S5      Shades of Nightfall
GV1469.62.S52    Shadowrun
GV1469.62.S56    Silver Age Sentinels
GV1469.62.S65     Sorcery
GV1469.62.S656    Space: 1889
GV1469.62.S66     Spellfire
GV1469.62.S67    Sphere
GV1469.62.S68    Spycraft
GV1469.62.S69    Star Trek
GV1469.62.S7    Star Wars
GV1469.62.S73    Starchildren: Velvet Generation
GV1469.62.T33    Tales from the Floating Vagabond
GV1469.62.T35    Talislanta
GV1469.62.T37    Tao Chi
GV1469.62.T47    Terminus V
GV1469.62.T66    Toon
GV1469.62.U54    Universe
GV1469.62.V34    Vampire
GV1469.62.W35    Warhammer
GV1469.62.W43    Werewolf
GV1469.62.W44    Westbrook
GV1469.62.W45    Whispering Vault
GV1469.62.W54    Willow
GV1469.62.W58    Witchcraft
GV1469.62.W67    World of Darkness
GV1469.62.W7    Wraith
GV1469.63           Other individual games (not A-Z)

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  1. I wonder how long all the D&D material has had one number?

    • From pretty early on — they began putting everything TSR put out for AD&D together on one ‘collection’ record, sort of like a series. I’m not sure if that would be because they were cranking out all those splat books or if it was just because the library assumed the books had little significance individually.

      • So from a ‘library’ point of view, all of TSR’s output is just one data entity…?!?!

        Sometimes I get tempted to start digging into TSR’s ISBN numbers and other data out of morbid curiosity.

        Assuming my first comment was question #1…

        Question #2: Prior to WotC’s purchase, did TSR enter (or allow to be entered) any of their I.P. to be part of the LoC system?

        • I got that wrong (working from memory).
          In fact it was just the 73(!) hardcover books WotC published from 2000-2008 that got lumped into a single record. See this link.

  2. Not all D&D material has a single number – notice that Ravenloft got filed separately. Clearly there’s some sort of pro-bias for gothic RPGs at the Library of Congress.

    …now I want to work there more than ever!

  3. Great post! – Now just to figure out how to work this into a rationale for a research trip to the LoC.

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