The guilds of Skara Brae

The Adventurers’ Guild

The guild’s High Council has one member from each of the guilds listed below and also from the Norse Church.  Any member of the Adventurers’ guild may also belong to no more than one of the other guilds listed below.  The AG has a monopoly on all training beyond 4th level.  Members must sign & abide by the AG compact, and tithe 5% of all treasure recovered from the Telengard dungeon, monster lairs within 300 miles, and any rewards for AG sanctioned quests.  The guild enforces a strict hierarchy such that low-level parties must yield to higher level parties in the dungeon, giving them first crack at any unexplored areas and access to stairs leading down.  (In fact, the foot of Mount Telengard is crowded with the pavilions of mid-level adventurers who, because of the Guild’s hierarchal nature, are able to demand admission charges from lower level parties who want to enter the dungeons).  Their symbol is a torch, rope, and pole.

The Hirelings’ Guild

Combatant and noncombatant hirelings may be hired here.  HG members will always insist that their employers swear to the Five Finger Oath.  Their symbol is an open hand.

The Thieves’ Guild

Members surrender 10% of all proceeds from thieving within Skara Brae (including swindling, picking pockets, burglary, etc.).  Unauthorized theft within the city will be dealt with severely.  The Slayer’s Guild often takes contracts to enforce the Thieves’ Guilds’ sanctions.  Most specialized thief equipment can be purchased only through the guild. Their symbol is an eye.

The Slayer’s Guild

A.k.a. the Assassin’s Guild.  Any murder for hire in Skara Brae and the environs must be contracted through the guild.  Members tithe 10% of all such fees to the guild, and the guild maintains a monopoly on all sales of poisons. The Slayer’s Guild is currently closed to player characters.  Their symbol is a skull.

The Three Warrior Brotherhoods

Fighters may join one of the brotherhoods.  At 4th level, lawful and chaotic fighters may become champions of their respective alignment, gaining certain benefits as long as they uphold their alignment and the principles of the brotherhood.

Neutral: The Fire Guard

The Fire Guard are mercenaries, operating as guards (and firefighters) in Skara Brae and as soldiers for the city-state.  They live communally in the Jomsburg, a keep within the city.  In order to gain admission, prospective members were required to prove themselves with a feat of strength, often taking the form of a ritual duel.  Once admitted, the Fire Guard require adherence to a strict code of conduct in order to instill a sense of military discipline among its members: defend his brothers, avenge their deaths, never speak ill of his fellows or quarrel with them, never show fear or to flee in the face of an enemy of equal or inferior strength (though orderly retreat in the face of vastly superior forces is acceptable).  No Fire Guard is permitted to be absent from Jomsborg for more than three days without the permission of the brotherhood.  Their symbol is a flaming sword.

Lawful: Templars

The Paladins are a religious, chivalric order of warriors sworn to defend the weak, uphold the law, and maintain the highest standards of honorable conduct.  Templars must: always help innocents in need, avenge injustice, keep their word, and punish evildoers. Lawful champions are called Paladins, and gain several benefits, including protection from evil and outer planar creatures, turning undead as clerics, and minor healing abilities.  Their symbol is the same as the Norse Church (a stylized hammer often resembling a cross).

Chaotic: Marauders

Marauders generally travel alone or in small bands, provoking duels and battles in order to gain money, land, and prestige.  Their code of honor requires that they: respect the rules of dueling (no interfering once a duel begins, and no magical aids may be used) and never turn down a challenge to combat.  Chaotic champions are called Berserkers, and they gain the ability to enter a frenzied state that increases their ability to take and deal damage. Their symbol is the eight arrows of Chaos.

The Demihumans’ Guild

The Elves, Dwarfs, and Halflings of Skara Brae are minorities and have formed a single guild to protect their interests in a land dominated by humans.  The guild provides training and healing to members.  Their symbol is two hands locked in a handshake.

The Norse Church

The only officially recognized church in Skara Brae is the Norse Church.  The Norse pantheon is worshiped in it, but special staus is accorded to Odin (the All-father and creator of the earth), Thor (the son of Odin, protector and savior of mankind, and Odin’s representative on Midgard), and the Norns (holy spirits that guide fate).  Most believers pray primarily to Thor, or to other Norse gods according to their respective fields of influence.  Odin and the Norns are venerated but also held in awe and fear, so that only the priests may speak their names or directly invoke their aid.  The Norse Church’s symbol is a stylized hammer (often resembling a cross).

(Other religions exist in the area but they not given a seat on the Adventurers’ Guild council and so are unable to train clerics above fourth level.  An underground cult devoted to the children of Loki is also rumored to exist but this has never been confirmed.  The temple of Kraken, the temple of the Whispering God, and an order of Druids all exist in or near Skara Brae.)

What, no Magic-Users’ Guild?

Well, that’s another post.  The short answer is there is a Council of Wizards (to sanction and advise), but apprenticeship, training, and spell sales are handled on an individual basis.

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