News of the world

I can’t keep up with all the amazing stuff going on around the old school blogosphere, but here’s two things.

1) This summer’s flooding in Pakistan has apparently left over 2 million people homeless, and estimates of the death toll are 1,700 plus. With that many people displaced, the likelihood that disease & dehydration will claim more lives seems pretty high. Thanks a lot, (deity of your choice). But the good news* is that even the neck-bearded, pudgy, basement dwelling Satanists who frequent and run this blog** can help, by toddling over to RPGNow and donating $25 to Doctors without Borders. Your donation will also net you an assload of free pdfs of game-related goodies (far too many to list here but let’s just say several complete games and tons of modules and source books in all genres). So that’s some fine lemonade.

I never buy pdfs, but for this I made an exception***. I probably won’t use the majority of the stuff but I am very interested in: the ICONS game, which I’ve seen good reviews for; The cursed chateau, which I’d have bought in print just for the Erol Otus art and because it is by James M.; the solo zombie game and the T&T solo module; and the Labyrinth Lord module. I’ll look at the rest for ideas, though, especially the “Adventures in Oz” game.

2) In other news, with no depressing reality downside, James “Elrond” Raggi over at Lamentations of the Flame Princess has teamed up with Zak Sabbath of Playing D&D with Porn Stars and Geoffry McKinney of Carcosa (in)fame(y) to release products from both of them under his banner. LotFP just became the hands-down most awesome publisher in existence.

*Which I got from Tenkar’s Tavern, a great old-school blog run by a gentleman and a scholar.

**I don’t usually have a neckbeard, actually. At most I can manage an Amish chinstrap.

***I would have done the same back when there a Haitian earthquake relief but we’d already given more than could afford to relief efforts.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Gentleman AND a scholar? And here I thought I was an Uncivil Servant 😉

  2. Is RPGnow still offering the bundle? Was hoping to post it to my Facebook but now I can’t find it.

    • No, the offer ended Oct. 25. Sorry!
      They did raise $62, 175 though!

  3. For those who prefer print products, Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is available from

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