The Thrones of Telengard

Jewel-encrusted thrones are surprisingly common in the dungeons of Telengard. Sages speculate that they are stolen from earthly kingdoms, created by haughty monsters, or simply left as bait for adventurers.

The effects below may break the fourth wall a little but are meant to be fun. For less fun settings, you may want to adapt more balanced results. šŸ˜›

Sitting on a throne (d30): A strange magic grips you…
01. Teleported up one level to a room keyed to the same number (if available). Otherwise a random room.
02. Teleported down one level to a room keyed to the same number (if available). Otherwise a random room.
03. Curse: may not tell a lie of any kind.
04. Curse: must always tell lies.
05. Curse: may only speak in questions.
06. Boon: detect gold and silver, 60′, for two hours.
07. Boon: continual light is cast on your hat, helmet, or other headgear. If no headgear, it is cast on your hair. Far out, man.
08. Boon: healed d8 HP.
09. Wandering monster attracted; roll its reaction. If friendly, it regards the character as its king.
10. One random item in your possession disappears.
11. One random item in your possession is duplicated.
12. One random stat suffers a -1.
13. One random stat gets a +1.
14. Temporary infravision (d6 hours).
15. Temporary blindness (d6 hours)
16. Ears grow six inches, +1 to Listen.
17. All fingers turn into thumbs. -1 Tinkering. But what a grip!
18. Feel the power surge into you. Gain (dungeon level x 200) XP.
19. All cast spells are re-memorized.
20. Mind reels. All uncast spells changed — shift one down on list.
21. It’s good to be the king. Double next treasure found.
22. It’s good to be the king. Backpack fills to capacity with silver pieces.
23. It’s good to be the king. A crown falls into the character’s lap (roll random jewelry for value).
24. It’s lonely at the top. -1 to reaction rolls for the rest of the day.
25. Delusions of grandeur. Character thinks next monster encountered is his footman.
26. +1 STR.
27. +1 CHR.
28. Primary weapon enchanted to +1 for remainder of the day. If already magical it gains another +1 for one day.
29. Quivers and scabbards refill.
30. Waterskin refills.

Prying gems from a throne. (d6) Takes 1 turn. Thieves subtract one from roll.
01. Success! d6 gems (random value) retrieved
02. Partial success! One gem retrieved.
03. No luck.
04. Gems ruined, no value.
05. Random monster appears.
06. Magical trap on that one. 2d6 electrical damage.

Read the runes. A successful Read Languages roll will allow a character to read the runes. The effects of the runes vary, but they only work once.

01. Trap (Explosive runes, 3d6 damage)
02. Trap (Alarm calls wandering monster (use table for Level+1)
03. Confusing stuff. -1 WIS.
04. Wisdom of the ages. +1 WIS.
05. A riddle! Solve it in 60 seconds and gain +1 WIS.
06. Casts random 1st level Cleric spell on reader.
07. Casts random 2nd level Cleric spell on reader.
08. Blinded for d6 turns
09. Inspired! +2 to hit, damage, and AC for one turn
10. Learn one random Wizard/Elf spell (if Wizard or Elf)
11. Gain (d6 x 100 x dungeon level) XP
12. A vision — may look at the DM’s map for two minutes.

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  1. Bookmarked because I am a huge Telengard Junky.

  2. […] a few of the most fun features of level (for me): a room with a bunch of clay pots and, finally, a throne. I may like random tables too much. At the end of the session the party was at the last door, […]

  3. […] The Thrones of Telengard (from Swords & Dorkery) tablesĀ Ā for what happens when you sit on a throne, pry gems from one, or read the magical runes therefrom – based on the awesome old-school computer dungeon crawl “Telengard”. […]

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