Telengard session six, and a new player (almost)

My wife reports that the flier I put up in the library has had a couple of three tabs taken, which is nice, although so far I have not had any email to that address. But, I did also find a nearby D&D “Yahoo Group” (Akron D&D) and once I posted a short message there, mentioning ’81 style Basic D&D, I got a couple of bites. (I was a little leery of getting into to many specifics because my impression is that the active games going on among the 50+ members are all 3.5th or 4th edition…) This has netted two responses so far! I met one guy already, who wants to try playing in my group, but had to back out at the last minute due to work (he may still join us, I think). I got a second email from a dude I may have actually met before through a Meet-Up posting several years ago, back when we were playing 3.5. At that time he wasn’t sure if he’d have time and we never actually played with him, but we’ll see. I still have not managed to get around to putting the flier up at the FLGS or even the book store, but I will. The impending “holiday season” always slows down actual play as people find themselves busier and busier but I should no doubt put up the fliers while the shopping frenzy is on and garnering traffic!

So anyway in the game itself, the party had several potions and no money to identify them at the alchemist’s, but their hireling told them about Dipsy, the potion tester, and they hired him.  He was able to identify all the potions.  Probably.  Then the players finally entered the “main” dungeon, Telengard! On their way to the mountain they noticed that two pavilions which had been set up by other adventuring groups were looking abandoned, and speaking with the cook and groom waiting at one they learned that at least one group had disappeared two days ago inside.

They were met in the first room by a magic mouth that relentlessly repeated “You are entering Telengard, beware!” The creatures they encountered inside were mostly unfamiliar — a Blind Agnes (link not provided as the party may still meet some of her friends!), a Man of Wounds, a trio of Squigs — as well the usual vermin (giant rats, zombies). They quickly surmised that the dungeon environment is weird, and much less naturalistic than the mines, ogre lair, and other adventure sites they’ve seen so far (except for the Alabaster Tower).

In the first foray they found a large haul of coins, and went back to town to but a mule to haul out the next load of treasure, bless their optimistic hearts. But the second foray took a slightly disastrous turn as the dwarf’s eyes were stolen by the Blind Agnes, and the dwarf had his halfling henchman lead him in mad pursuit. Longine the fighter was killed by a Grey Ooze, and so Richard is taking the completely unprecedented step of taking a Magic User as his thief’s replacement henchman. The other small shake-up is that Tom has decided to change both his main PC and his henchman’s alignment to Neutral, because he claims alternately that “Lawful characters are screwed” and “This campaign has it in for dwarves.” He apparently feels that because the party fought dwarves in the Ancient Mines, and because the party met a grumpy and slightly dim-witted dwarf in a tavern, I somehow have it in for dwarves. Come to think of it there is a “Dwarf ghetto” in Skara Brae too, but there is a reason for that. Anyway he gives everyone a a hard time as a player so I’m trying not to let his complaining spoil the game for me. I think it really boils down to the fact that he is still angry about losing that magic dagger, and really enjoys complaining.  I think the alignment change is meant as a kind of protest, but I’ve seen the magic item tables in the Expert rules and most intelligent swords are Lawful, so he’s only hurting himself. 🙂

The party also found a skeleton in an astronaut suit, whatever that means. They wisely looted the suit and plan to bring it to the alchemist in town to see if has any special properties. With no elf or magic suer user, and only a 1st level cleric, the party can’t detect magic (although Richard’s new henchman will rectify that, and the new player, if he does join, was planning to run a magic user). Finally they found a pool of water that speaks, but always lies, which they’ve used to discover a secret door and to reveal the nearest monsters, as it seems very knowledgeable about the first level of the dungeon.

Anyway the “Squig” is a relatively old Warhammer creature, dating back to the fourth or fifth edition* of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game. They are about 3′ tall and mostly consist of teeth and claws, hopping along on two stubby but powerful legs. In WHFB they are trained and herded by goblins. For Telengard I altered them a little. They jabber endlessly, parroting things they’ve heard humanoids and adventurers say, like “What in Hel is that?” and “Get it off me!” They use the stats of a Giant Gecko from B/X but have the special attack that if they roll a natural 20, they have jumped up and clamped onto their victim’s head, after which hits are automatic as they nosh on the character’s neck.

*The latest edition was just published: 8th edition! The various editions of WHFB were released in 1983, 1984, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2006, and 2010. Every edition after 3rd has look pretty similar to me (I only own the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th edition rules) although at some point after 3rd edition the ‘mental’ attributes were pared down from Leadership, Intelligence Cool, and Willpower to (I think) just Leadership and Willpower. I have not really seriously looked at the rules since I found Hordes of the Things!

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  1. Not sure if I like the idea of a Magic-Suer (5th paragraph).
    Last thing we need are litigious wizards. I assume s/he works for Games Workshop.

    • I think it’s an Arduin class. But hey, they only can bring cases when there is a client who wants to sue someone, and juries who award all kinds of big loot, and judges who accept their motions… so hate the game, not the player.

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