Caveats, OSR blogger edition

Caveats. Someone’s probably already beaten me to this, but:

Telecanter can DM until a quorum of players is creeped out by his creepy antics.

Roger can DM a low-level game of Vermin & Varlets.

Zak S. can play and DM but he can’t bring a film crew.

The Lord of Green Dragons can DM if he promises not to use Robilar as an NPC, and he can play if he promises not make comparisons to how Gygax would have run it.

Alexis can play if he plays nice (which means he can’t play) and he can DM but must take a shot every time he says he already thought of whatever the players say.

Pat can play if he keeps the hell away from my henchmen.

Rolang has to play a wizard on the way to lichdom.

Scottsz can play, but he cannot DM with TSR modules because he will probably TPK any party that doesn’t treat it as hallowed ground.

James Mal can DM or play but he must take a shot every time he says “Just so” or uses the word “bemused.”


Chad must DM his “Black Sabbath” campaign.

Christian can play but he can’t DM that WoD crap unless he brings food.

David can play and is the only one I’d let DM 4e.

Jeff can play but he can’t DM ’cause he spoils his players.

Cyclopeatron can play the banjo, or can DM his homebrew world.

ze Bullette can play or DM or whatever the hell he wants.

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  1. Heck, if Christian is bringing food I’ll be there even if I need to sneak in the back door 😉

  2. “Christian can play but he can’t DM that WoD crap unless he brings food.”

    I can – and do – run anything under the sun. I prefer to be versatile rather than locked into a single mindset.

    • just funnin’ with you, man. It’s all good.

      • No worries, man. I was being too sensitive. There’s been some food-related issues at my game (the missus and one of my players thinks that perhaps I am being too generous and being taken advantage of), so cooking for the gamers is a hot-button issue.

        Perhaps I just need to un-bunch my panties before commenting. 😉

        • OK! I was just referring to your awesome Cook & Destroy blog.

  3. I would like to state, for the record, that I am vehemently against the principle of a TPK in any form…

    A DM has to leave one survivor to spread the terror.

    You forgot…

    Monaco can play, but he has to host the game because his miniature collection is too big to carry!

  4. Sometimes, henchmen catch fire. It just happens. There’s no blame to be assigned for a natural event like that.

  5. @Pat: Spontaneous Henchman Combustion?

    Is that why ‘light bearers’ make such a high wage?

  6. James Edward Raggi IV can play or DM but it’s probably his turn to play (time for payback).

  7. I have no idea how I got a free pass here. Consequently, we’re playing Paranoia (1st edition).

  8. Sorry I missed this earlier. Haha, I do love to inhabit the place where the absurd teeters between funny and unsettling. Hope you’re having a nice winter.

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