Telengard session 8, with some new guys

So last week we played with two new guys and two of the regulars (Richard is back in Jolly Old England with his family for the holidays).  The new guys, Adam and Ross, already knew each other and had met Tom when I first met them at Border’s.  They decided to each make an elf and a cleric and a dwarf (I can’t recall which made which right now though without looking at my PC roster…)  I just had the PCs all meet at a tavern (the new guys had been told some experienced adventurers hang out there and with Richard missing it actually made sense to suggest they were a little short-handed).
Anyway the party struck out for Telengard again. They’d left much of the first dungeon level unfinished and hadn’t found the stairs down yet, and because they didn’t map last time they were a little foggy on some details but a few memorable encounters brought a lot of it back.  The new guys were a little shocked to hear the party had found an “astronaut suit” in the dungeon but did not seemed very taken aback by the descriptions of the man of wounds and Blind Agnes.  I already mentioned in the last post that there were some congestion problems, because I insisted on reading the map as 1 square= 5′ and with 8 PCs and a hireling, the halls were terribly crowded and the rooms tiny.  The party came up with a neat idea once they found a large cavern, forming a concave shieldwall and sending on unarmored elf out to open other doors and flee, leading monsters into the larger room where more PCs could engage them.  This worked pretty well and the party managed to kill a bunch of monsters.  There was not a lot of treasure in the rooms they explored though, although they did find two more magical weapons which should be a big help.  Using a simplified XP system as I do (100 XP/HD, or 200 XP/HD for monsters with exceptional powers) they gained a fair amount of XP anyway.
Among the highlights were Tom’s halfling tasting some green slime and having it burned off his face by the torchbearer; an unholy font which turned holy water into unholy water if you got too close; a room full of toadstools that cowered & moved away when a PC entered; and a silent ghostly image of some townsfolk, one of whom is revealed to have a serpent’s head.  I can’t believe we got through half a dozen or more combats, several weird encounters, and PC generation and introductions, all in less than four hours.  The newer editions of D&D have some nice features but speedy play is not one of them. B/X forever!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think the new guys will be back.  This week Richard should be back too but Tom may be out of town on business.  Come to think of it I am meeting another possible player tonight, and he sounds like a real grognard (began with Chainmail in 1975!).

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