As you are, once were we: Telengard session 9

Five players at my table this time! This may be all I can really handle. I think back to when my brother had up to 13 players at games and I am in awe. One thing we’ll be doing differently going forward is that most or all players will use no more than one PC at a time. If that doesn’t reduce the chaos enough for me I may even resort to having them nominate a caller (either for the entire session or for a term that expires at the next encounter). I had some housekeeping stuff for Richard to mess with (he decided against looking for a house, for now) and introduced the Wine, Women, & Song rules suggested at Jeff Rient’s blog. The players all balked at using them, with the high probability of rolling over their levels (Skara Brae is pretty big and I was going to use a d10), so I relented and agreed to use the mishap table only if they could not afford their roll. In hindsight this is too generous; it really gives them a no-risk way to change money to XP while their funds are high. I may tweak things a bit and have each tavern/inn in town use a different table. Hmm. Anyway after that they delved back into the dungeon and “cleared” the first level, at least in the sense that they have visited every room at least once. I went ahead and gave them a rough map of the level, adding to it as they explored and breaking out the battle mat for combat. I totally forgot about marking time on the edge, though. In fact I found there are a lot of things I’d ruled on the fly in past (just what happens if you try to ritually cast a higher level spell? Do you get a mulligan on HD rolls when leveling up?) and could not remember how I’d ruled when it came up again. Most frustratingly I’m still confusing the 3e movement options with the much simpler B/X rules. I need to find the time to prepare a little more between sessions. I went on a dungeon stocking tear back in November and haven’t so much as reviewed the rules since.

Anyway back in the dungeon, they found pretty much none of the old rooms re-stocked, but understand there still could be changes every time they visit despite their experiences to the contrary. (I have it in my mind that the dungeon is more likely to restock when all living creatures are cleared, but undead may repopulate regardless of what happens in the rest of the level). The main encounters with monsters were some stirges, skeletons, and morlocks, as well as an animated weapon rack. It was a lot of fun to watch the party discuss whether or not to touch the weapon rack, and the ensuing melee in a room barely big enough to contain all the PCs and hireling. They also encountered a room full of sprites, but avoided conflict for now. Another room strewn with silver pieces all over the floor also seemed like a trap to the party (especially after the weapon rack) and in the end they decided it was not worth taking the time to pick up 15 GP worth of coins. They also ran into a herd of migratory toadstools (the “clean-up crew” on this level) and got to interact with a few of the most fun features of level (for me): a room with a bunch of clay pots and, finally, a throne. I may like random tables too much. At the end of the session the party was at the last door, beyond which were stairs down. When I keyed the dungeon I noted “a whispering sound” was on the landing of the stairs, which created a good deal of consternation because the party listened to the door and concluded another party of adventurers might be behind the door. In the end they saw nothing, but on a whim I decided to say a few human-faced grubs were on the floor, speaking in tiny voices. They told the party “As you are, once were we” and the party slowly recognized their faces as being those of four zombies they’d fought last time, who also matched the description of four missing adventurers they’d been told about several sessions ago. As that news sunk in, I also mentioned that one of the larva had the face of their fallen companion Longine, who had been killed by an ochre jelly several sessions back. The party took the grubs to the temple back in town and they hope to learn more about what is going on.

And now I need to figure out what it all means too…but I have some ideas.

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  1. Man, that’s creepy. Love the diction of the whisperers too. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

  2. Tiny or tinny?

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