Telengard session 10

Because of some cancellations (none of which appear to be related to the eight inches of snow we got yesterday, on top of several inches that were already on the ground), I had only three players last night. The new guy Bob, John, and Tom. Since there were just three players I had them use both of their characters, and the party ended up being very “balanced” — a thief, an m-u, a fighter, a cleric, a dwarf, and a halfling.

Bob was rather early, having written down “6” instead instead of “6:30,” so I was a little flustered as I’d meant to use the half hour before the game to eat, make some coffee, and review the second level of Telengard which I had keyed a couple of months earlier. At one ppiont it looked like only John and Bob would be there, and I began to wish I’d just canceled the game, but at the last minute Tom could make it and we ended up having a pretty good time.

The party learned that the grubs discovered last time are actually what the Bishop called “the earth souls” of the unlucky dead, for in fact the human soul has two parts — the earth soul and Gimle soul. Isolated, the earth soul will feed on the energy of the living and grow into Larvae. Worse on a metaphysical level, the two parts normally are bound together, and souls can’t be transported by the Valkyries to Valhalla without both parts being present. The bishop then asked the party to find out more about why these earth souls are crawling around the dungeon, because whatever is making off with the Gimle souls of the dead is preventing any who die in the dungeon from going to Valhalla (or being raised, for that matter).

So, the party decided to brave the second level of Telengard. They made it to the stairs down encountering only a few morlocks, but the second level of Telengard was much more challenging, largely because of the open layout with fewer doors blocking off rooms. The found serpent men and dark elves on the level, which gave them a pretty rough time, as the party got strung out across two rooms. They decided to hole up in a room with a door, and use the ritual casting rules to heal up a bit, before trying “one more room.” The last room they checked was large and filled with a mist reminiscent of the mists of the Salt Fen, which limited visibility, and half a dozen large open pits from which the mist rose. There were a few orcs in the room (the first orcs the party have seen!) and the orcs quickly surrendered when the party cornered them. The orcs offered a large treasure (part of which had to be extracted from one of orcs’ body cavities) and were allowed to leave with their lives, so they exited via one of the pits. As the orcs left, it occurred to the party that they had not really learned anything about whatever menace might be stealing or diverting Gimle souls. In fact they might have asked the orcs, or kept a dark elf or serpent man alive for questioning (they had cast sleep on the dark elves and used on of the dark elves’ sleep-poisoned darts on a serpent man).

At this point the party decided to head back to the surface, and they found that the man of wounds was back, along with a lady of wounds, although knowing the secret of dispatching them made the encounter fairly easy. Finally toward the entry of level one they could hear the magic mouth which always intones “Beware, you are entering Telengard,” which they assumed would mean another party was on their way in, but instead they found another group of morlocks.

Main lessons learned for me this time: (1) time to decide how grappling will work. The morlocks tried to grab various characters and using regular to-hit rolls didn’t seem very good for this. (2) Let the party sketch the battle map while I grab minis. Almost everyone is better at it than me. (3) Drinking coffee instead of beer at the game table makes no difference to my DMing, oddly enough.

Two more notes on the new guy:

1) he brought his own minis for his PCs: a Fineous Fingers mini for his thief and a Groo mini for his m-u.  Very nice.  (He also showed of some other Fineous Fingers minis but I am less familiar with the strip than I thought and did not recognize most of them.  I think the last FF strip was in the first Dragon Magazine I ever got, #53 or 54.)

2) He knows the website for the Light Trading Co. is out of date (partly because the web side of the business is not all that important to him and partly because his webmaster has been ill).  But he basically can get everything Gamescience, Koplow, and Chessex make.  Easy enough to browse their sites and order from him.  Gotta get me a “hit location” die.

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