The dungeons of Telengard (now with crude drawing!)

Mount Telengard is riddled with dungeons. Starting with the ones closest to ground level, we will tour them briefly as we ascend to the top of the mountain’s southern face.

The southern face of Mt. Telengard


Before the southern face we see a number of pavilions set up by various adventuring groups.  These pavilions are usually occupied by hirelings like cooks and armorers, and wounded or tired adventurers, as well as some livestock like pack mules, war dogs, and similar.  The party known as the Yellow Band keep a few cages of chickens and roosters near their pavilion.  Another party which has no collective name yet, but does use a heraldric device (a triple-plumed helmet supported by two curs, combatant), callously left three dogs tied to their pavilion for many several days, until two died of dehydration and the third survived by consuming the others.

The Adventurer’s Guild keeps a large pavilion near the maze of Namcap, and officers there will demand to see the guild membership papers of any adventurers they don’t recognize.

Accessible at the very base of the mountain is The Maze of Namcap.  A portal in a cave (between two huge quartz crystals) transports adventurers to the maze.

Also near the base is an old mine, called the Ancient Mine, that is partly flooded and collapsed, but which appears to still hold some precious metals. Much of the damp cave is filled with Goldbug Shrooms, an edible fungus that induces gold fever, a disorder which causes single-minded attention to mining and inhuman physical endurance for labor.

Up a short ramp we reach the dungeon called Telengard, which was accidentally uncovered when a mine shaft intersected with it.  The first level of Telengard is a complex network of rooms, the original of purposes of which can only be guessed at.  It is now inhabited by various bizarre creatures.  Patrols of morlocks have been encountered there recently.  The second level has only just begun to be explored, and is known to be inhabited by serpent folk and dark elves.

Next we could walk up set of stairs carved into the face of the mountain centuries ago.  At the end of the stairs is the entrance to The Crypts.  This burial area was used long ago, before the arrival of the Norse Catholic Church.

At about the same level, but to the east, we find the Haunted Mines.  Prospectors  who go there sometimes don’t come back.

Up an earthen ramp hundreds of feet long, and ending in contact with the mountain’s south east face, we would find a huge open mine.  Over the past month and a half a column of smoke from the bottom the pit (666 feet down) has grown from a trickle to a great gout of smoke.

Overnight, another old mine’s entrance was carved into an orcish face.  It is also whispered that a new contender has claimed the title Goblin King.

Even higher up, we find the Great Abandoned Mine, a mine complex thought to date back to Dwarven times. Like the Ancient Mine down at the base, much of the mining in the mountain was one conducted by dwarves and gnomes.  Several hundred years ago the human City State of Skara Brae wrested control of the mountain from the dwarves and their kin.  Some dwarves still ive in Skara Brae, although they keep to the “Dwarven Ghetto” in the city’s southwestern quarter.  The Gnomes mostly live in a village ot the west, with much less contact with Skara Brae than the dwarves.

The Alabaster Tower has also been known to appear with a few miles of Mt. Telengard.

The north face of Mt. Telengard slopes more gently and is heavily wooded.  It is rumored that all manner of strange creatures roam there.  It is also said than an ancient ship from far away is beached near the northern summit.

About twenty miles south of Telengard, the Salt Fens have been discovered to house a sort of dungeon: a pond that lies at the bottom of a deep sinkhole.  The pond emits a dense foggy mist.  Several cyclopean lily pads float on the pond, and rotting tree trunks, stepping stones, and general debris can be used to pass from one pad to another.

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  1. […] party then decided to check out that weird orc-faced carving on the cave entrance higher up Mt. Telengard. I didn’t really expect that but luckily had squirreled away an appropriate One Page Dungeon […]

  2. […] could access at almost any level, given enough rope.   I posted stuff about it earlier  (also here and here) but wanted to keep the DM tools for it a secret.  Not much need to now.  The guys I […]

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