Umber hulk nightmare: Telengard session 11

Last night all six players were at the table, so for the first time I enforced one PC per player. This left a party consisting of Big Mac, the fighter; Grumble the dwarf, Swinlow the thief; Golightly the magic user; Sparky the elf; and the cleric whose name I forget. The players had agreed to try to keep the party well-rounded, and this is a pretty good mix.

They decided to try their luck in the main dungeon again, and on the way they noticed the newly carved orc-face far up on the slopes of Mt. Telengard. Richard quipped that “Motörhead’s been here,” and the party considered checking it out instead of delving deeper into Telengard proper, but in the end they decided to checkout more of level two of the dungeon.

They knew that of the three ways they could go in the level two, one way had serpent folk, another had dark elves, and the third had had some orcs, so they went the orc-way and followed a series of passages which led to the stairs down to level three. They’d evaded one trap and found a few hundred silver pieces to get there, but were feeling brave so down they went.

On the third level they encountered a xorn which demanded gems, and having none they attacked. The xorn melted into the floor when the fight began to go against him. They next found a living statue which claimed to be a victim of a gorgon on the second level, and they offered to help him find a cure for his stony state if he’d join them. The next room held a device with four levers, and the party resisted the urge to begin pulling them right away, leaving them for later. The fourth room held a rust monster, which caused the party to mostly cower behind the magic user and the statue, but in the end they defeated it with minimal losses of metal. At this point the elf could no longer restrain his curiosity and he began pulling levels back in the previous room, with the result that he aged 10 years, gained a point of charisma, lost all memories of the previous 24 hours, and heard strange noises. Meanwhile a new rust monster spawned in the fourth room, which the statue dispatched, and the party found wooden levels in the that room as well. They pulled one and concluded that it stopped any further rust monsters from appearing. They also found a magic circle of some kind but could not discern its function and no one wanted to step into it.

Delving deeper they next came to a hallway with many doors, and behind the first door they found a laboratory, complete with a few devices of unknown function and fully assembled flesh golem. They defeated the golem and rifled through the room, discovering a number of potions, A culinary guide to wizard entrails, and notes about one of the devices — a dream actualizer. (Yes, I am constantly ripping stuff off.)

Fevered dreams of avarice in head, they had Jack the hireling try to use the actualizer to dream of diamonds, which did in fact appear. Mac then decided to dream of himself with a girdle of giant strength, and a duplicate of Mac, in pajamas and a girdle of giant strength, appeared. The dwarf immediately stripped the belt off the duplicate and after a brief scuffle the party considered trying to duplicate themselves and let the doubles explore the rest of the dungeon. Or perhaps they could sell the machine, or at least bring it out of the dungeon to create all manner of magic for themselves. Soon Jack’s diamonds began to fade, as did the double of Mac, and the party wondered if they could fix the machine to make the creations permanent. But Golightly’s turn with the machine ended disastrously, as he had a nightmare of a monster. I had him roll a percentile die to select a page of the Monster Manual… 98. So it was either going to be a unicorn or an umber hulk. In hindsight a unicorn would have been a great choice but I have three umber hulk figures I’ve never actually used, so…

The fighter and dwarf were both confused in the first round and things looked dire right away. After a few rounds we were one PC away from a TPK. Death and dismemberment rolls left Mac really dead and everyone else out, with just the dwarf on his feet (and confused) but he managed to finish off the umber hulk. Because most of the death & dismemberment rolls only left the people knocked out, the cleric came too and the party relied on his repeated ritual casting to heal them back up as far as he could, in barricaded lab.

After stripping Mac’s corpse, the party decided they should still at least try to raise him, and took him back to town, after bribing the xorn, who was waiting in the first room again.

I decided to allow a saving throw for Mac’s soul to avoid the “web” that has snared the other souls so far (a clue?) and in fact he made it, so the party was able to get him raised.

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  1. I love those character names…

  2. That dwarf is a bad ass :0

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