Revised Cleric’s handbook

Having the flu or some such this weekend meant lots of sleeping and sporadic restless D&D planning.  So here’s the Cleric’s book, revised to include B/X experience and spell acquisition and Labyrinth Lord saves and attack bonuses.

I also pasted in a couple of prayers  my brother Tom suggested when I described the “Norse Catholic Church,” and some ideas about divine favor.  I did not want to add cleric subclasses (Druids in Telengard are a “monster” NPC type) so I thought about specific orders (similar to the real Catholic Church’s Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, etc.) but after bouncing ideas around with Tom we hit on the idea that specific sacrifices, feats, and services will earn the favor of specific deities.  I may make some exclusive (you can’t have both Loki’s favor and Heimdall’s favor, say, because those two are sworn enemies), but for now I’ve only sketched out a few.

Reviewing the level titles reminded me that I had “Templar” both as the title of the Lawful fighter’s guild and the fourth level level title for Clerics.  Doh.  I suppose fourth level clerics can be called Priests instead.

I also might change the names of the prayers — er, spells — at some point but haven’t done so yet.

Clerics book

The divine favor section, which is the main bit of “original” content, follows, for those who don’t want to mess with opening the whole PDF:

Divine favor

All clerics are assumed to worship all of the gods, although they may devote themselves to a particular deity.  Any cleric may earn the divine favor of particular deities as well. This generally requires some service or sacrifice.  Divine favor provides bonuses to attribute modifiers or skills, or other game effects.  Bonuses to attribute modifiers do increase the attribute itself, but increase a +0 to +1, etc.

Tyr: A cleric may sever his left hand in imitation of Tyr’s loss of his hand in the jaws of the Fenris Wolf.  Benefit: May use swords, and deals damage as if his HD were d8, rather than d6. [I use class-based damage for weapons, so that most weapons do the class’s HD type for damage, as compromise between variable and non-variable damage].

Odin: A cleric may pluck out his eye in exchange for wisdom, in imitation of Odin.  Benefit: +1 to Wisdom modifer.

Baldur: Service to the benevolent god of light, beauty, and goodness can take many forms. Benefit: +1 to Turning rolls.

Frey: A cleric who performs a great service to elf-kind for no other reward will gain Frey’s favor. Benefit: Immunity to magical Sleep and Charm effects.

Thor: A cleric who slays a giant in hand-to-hand combat earns Thor’s favor.  Benefit: +1 to Strength modifier.

Heimdall: The watchful one is a sworn enemy of Loki and will bestow his favor on those who thwart the schemes of Chaos.  Benefit: +1 to Listen and Search skills.

Hel: The goddess of the underworld favors those who return errant souls to her.  A cleric who destroys a Wraith, Vampire, Specter, or other major Undead being earns her favor. Benefit: Cleric may cast Raise Dead even on those who die a straw death.  This favor is offered once for each such undead returned to her. [In Telengard, the Raise Dead spell can only restore life those slain in combat as it basically snatches souls back from the Valkyries, which also explains the time limit on getting it cast.]

Loki: Loki admires cleverness, and will bestow his favor on a cleric who can, by cunning and treachery alone, defeat a great foe (Level or HD 8+). Benefit: +1 to Intelligence modifier.

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6 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. I love stuff like this – small enhancements that can open up adventure…

    Thanks for PDF-ing these!

  2. looks good. Are you feeling better? I am not

    • Thanks!
      I felt well enough to go to work today but not 100%

  3. Wow, those divine favor things are really nice. I’m going to steal the hell out of them.

  4. No Freyja? (I figure it’s probably +1 Cha for her following on an established pattern)

    • Yeah, Freya’s an important goddess! Just realized I kind of slighted the goddesses. I think Freya would favor someone who finds/rescues a lost traveller (considering her own lost husband). She’d favor other stuff too, like Frey, not all of which probably belongs at the gaming table…

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