Riley’s first character

I’m still recovering from the cold/flu/whatever I came down with Friday evening.  Over the weekend I slept a lot but would have tons of energy for a couple of hours at a time, and in one of these bursts of energy I wanted to give my wife a break from juggling “everything she normally has to do, plus what I’d be doing, and being our daughter’s entertainment coordinator.”  So I had Riley put together dungeon using the tiles from the “Descent” game (which fit together very nicely with little jigsaw-puzzle interlocking ends, a great design).  I’m all for fun & games but I thought I make her practice a little writing (and encourage some recreational writing) by having her fill in a character sheet.  I know I’ve seen a really cute kids’ character sheet somewhere in the blogosphere* but I figured I could wing it on a sheet of traditional goldenrod paper.  She duly selected one of her “D&D figures” (she  keeps a bunch of fairy dolls an a box for our occasional games) and I helped her stat it up.  There was a slight mishap with the name (it should be “Purple”) and she chose her character’s favorite food based on the fact it was short word (“What’s a food that doesn’t take too many letters?”).  She also wanted to add “fairy” to her powers, or change the class to “girl fairy,” but forgot all about it while we were gathering furniture and treasure for the dungeon.  The sketch particularly impressed me because she carefully studied the doll and tried to incorporate details like the flower in it’s hair and details on the top.

Good grief, my handwriting is not much better than a five year old’s.

This time around she requested that we not use monsters that are “too spooky” but when I let pick some out she went with an ogre and a creepy ghost-type thing from the “Dreamblade” CMG, and she also decided that in addition to treasure, her character was looking for a heap of bones.  I’m not sure which monsters she had in mind as being the too-scary ones.  She had me bring a character into the dungeon too, and we took turns voicing the monsters.  The first time when we played on the outdoor setup I had the monsters demand various things to let us pass, and she took up the idea in “her” dungeon.  We had to find something for the ogre to eat instead of our characters, and a new home for the ghost so it would leave us alone, and lastly we had to find a dragon’s hatchling and return it to her to get the big treasure.  So it was another nonviolent adventure. 🙂


*Aha! here’s one.  But I was thinking of something even simpler… I think I got the idea of having a “favorite food” be part of the character somewhere else.

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  1. Perhaps things like the Wendigo? Taking the description from the 1e Shadowrun book:

    “The wendigo is most active at night. It feeds on flesh, and is believed to derive psychic sustenance from its victim. Typically, it induce its victim to partake of a cannibalistic feast. This seems to create a psychological dependence on such meat in the victim, who begins to aid the wendigo in spreading its habits, thus creating a coven or secret society of cannibals. The members of the coven are unaware that they will ultimately be meals for the wendigo itself, which seems to prefer the Essence (A game stat, decreased by cyberware or intensive surgery. Those with lowered Essence tend to be introverted and cannot do magic, at least as well.) of such corrupted spirits. The wendigo makes its lair in the abode of a previous victim. Its life expectancy is unknown.”

    “All known wendigo have been active shamanic magicians. Though most carried fetishes of predatory totems such as the wolf, some had items of unidentified affiliations.”

    A giant, cannibalistic, psychic, sasquatch, who can dupe humans into joining it, until it eventually eats them, and it does magic? Sounds pretty creepy to me.

  2. Wasn’t it the Arduin character sheet or something that had places for stuff like Favorite Food and Best Friend?

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