Telengard session 13: Ghost busters! and another one bites the dust…

Loaded with loot from previous expeditions, Swinlow the thief decided he wanted to buy a house.  He balked at the going rate for a modest town house (5000-7500 GP) but his realtor found a bargain-priced house at 1500 GP.  Checking it out it was in a less posh part of town, and disembodied voices warned the buyers to “Get out! Get out!”  The party dispatched a poltergeist and  some sort of ghoul on the first floor, and decided to renegotiate the price.  The realtor brought the seller to meet them at the Goodly Mead Inn, and while Stabby and Schnozzy, the loyal lightbearers, drank themselves silly, the party convinced the seller to come down to just 1000 GP, cash money.  The “deed” he produced for Swinlow to sign was a little suspicious, being written in a language no one in the party could read, but a Read Languages spell revealed the “deed” to be an old contract between the seller’s father Hundrun and a certain B.L. Zebbub, and the deed seemed to include language passing on not just the property and it’s contents but also “All contracts and agreements aforementioned” which put the party on alert.  They paid for a new deed to be drawn up, and returned to investigate the rest of the haunted house.  Inside they found two wights on the second floor, which scared the bejesus out of them and they beat a hasty retreat.  The party then loaded up on holy water, and set up a fairly clever trap (soaking a sheet with holy water and setting it fall at the foot of the staircase, since the wights seemed to reside upstairs.   The party also noticed a trap door to a basement and nailed it shut.

The thief used his ring of invisibility to sneak upstairs and surprised a wight that was making himself some tea in the kitchen, and hurled holy water at it.   This session was the first time one where pretty much everyone remembered the d30 rule (roll with a d30 rather the usual die once per session).  Two wights were destroyed with d30s used in place of the d8s for holy water, and the other two were slain with the soaked sheet, the dwarf’s axe, and liberal use of additional holy water vials.

Having cleared the house, and determining that renting it out was not terribly worthwhile, the party will now use the small house as their base in Skara Brae.  I didn’t really expect this little excursion to amount to much, but the players spent a lot of time planning how they’d deal with the wights, and then spent a lot of time discussion who would get which room (the dwarf took the unfinished basement, the thief took the attic, and the rest of the party divied up the rooms).  They finally decided to return to the “Orc-face” cave, mainly to gather up books from the ancient library to take back to their house.

But first Sparky the elf decided to try his luck carousing, and a failed roll caused him to join some cult or other.  He could remember some of the secret signs but little else.  Matrim, the new guy’s character, failed a carousing roll last time and fell in love with a married woman, who I described this time as Astrid, wife of Gologoth the Berserker.  If he hadn’t been negotiating with the owner of the haunted house, he’d have noticed her at the Goodly Mead Inn talking to someone else.

Back at the Orc-face cave, the party loaded up on books and scrolls (none were magical) and also found a curious pamphlet among the tomes: The care and feeding of Homunculons, and a small wooden box containing a homunculon.  They decided to explore the caves further, and found a starry chamber connected to the library room (which had no obvious function or contents besides a magical glow) and another massive, reinforced door that was welded shut like the one through which they entered the library.  So they turned back  to explore the other wing of the complex where they’d fought orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, and the owlbear.

The first room held 14 orcs, standing watch, and they were quickly dispatched by Carlos the cleric’s thunder club, which can createa devastating area effect attack once per day. Grr.  The party let a few orcs flee and then banged the alarm gong, clearly confident that could take out whatever might come next.  They wainted to see who or what might respond to the alarm, and Sparky the elf used an ESP spell to scan for approaching monsters, which alerted him to something thinking in crude orcish.  Three ogres burst into the room, but there was no need for surprise rolls.  The party was handling the ogres fairly well but after a few rounds an Ogre Mage appeared (having watched the battle invisibly) and he unleashed his Cone of Cold which hit everyone but Swinlow, who was off to the side of the battle lines, and the hirelings (Schnozzy was well back from the fighting and Stabby John was still carrying loads of books out of the library area).  This killed Carlos the cleric outright, and Matrim was knocked out, also losing a foot to severe frostbite.  The others were (barely) alive, and the last ogre died in friendly frost.  Swinlow began to voice his intention to flee but the Ogre Mage won initative and Charmed him.  Things looked grim but Sparky used his d30 for a damage roll against the Ogre Mage, kiling him outright.  The party began to limp back to town, but seeing a few orcs sneaking out of the cave mouth (the same three that had fled the first fight), Grumble the dwarf opened fire on them with his crossbow.  An orc got a luck shot on the elf, knocking him down to 0 HP as well but Sparky’s luck held up and he rolled well enoughon the death & dismemberment chart (the third PC to roll this evening!) to survive.  One orc escaped back to the cave and the party made it back to town.

Back in town, the party was distressed to find Carlos could not be raised (his soul was caught in the dark elves webs) and that they could not afford the cost to regrow Matrim’s foot.  We ended the game there.

This was another chaotic but fun session.  As usual the party surprised me quite a bit.  Their plan to deal with one of the wights, who was trapped in the basement, rather surprisingly echoed what we did almost exactly a year ago in Tom’s C&C campaign.  But the new players came up with the idea without any intervention at all from Tom, Richard, or me.  Great minds think alike, and small minds run in the same gutters!

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  1. The holy-water-soaked sheet is totally Old School!

  2. The cleric was a hard loss, a fighter would have been easier to take. we are fighter heavy.

  3. Yeah, especially with the draconian “no spells at first level for clerics”. Carlos just got 2nd level spells too. On the other hand new characters can advance very quickly, with the amount of treasure and kill xp you guys get. I kind of like that there is now the tough choice between sorting out the dark elf mess which is (sometimes) preventing Raise Dead from working, and going back to the orc face cave for the treasure that *must* be laying around somewhere… Muwahahaha…

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