Telengard session 14: Into the belly of the Beast

This time around Big Mac’s player was back, but Swinlow’s is off on a cruise (lucky duck). Mac is one of the original characters from the very beginning of the campaign and is 5th level, and being Lawful decided to join the Templars and become a Paladin per my Fighter’s Handbook. Carlos’ player made a replacement character, another cleric — named Zorro. Zorro is Carlos’ brother, of course, so he claimed the other cleric’s stuff. There was no cash left in Carlos’ account, his funds being depleted by the effort to Raise him last time, but the party decided to give Zorro a lump of cash to use to carouse and train to get off first level. I imagine the carousing in this case was something more like a series of funerary feasts and masses, and Zorro managed to avoid any mishaps, so he set off as a 2nd level cleric.

Now that the party has really felt terrible consequences of the drow elves’ plotting, they decided to go through the portal in the drow altar room and slay the demon that the elves have been feeding souls.

They had to travel through the first level of Telengard again, since the drow altar is no the second level, and the new cleric couldn’t resist sitting on the throne. This time he was teleported to a random room. By himself. With no light. And being a new character — no knowledge of the dungeon. So he saw a brief glimpse of a fountain and a door as the teleportation’s “afterglow” faded, and was then alone in the dark. His repeated efforts to open the door (after blindly stumbling around and being grabbed by one of the skeletons embedded in the rocks in a connected chamber) drew the attention of the rest of the party, who debated whether to search for the new cleric, leave him behind, or assume he is dead. The noise also drew the attention of some orcs and bugbears on the level, and the cleric briefly fought an orc in the dark, but the party’s light caused the orc to flee, leading the party into an ambush of six bugbears and a few orcs. The encounter took several rounds to settle, and the humanoids attempted to carry off the party’s elf while the rest held a battle line against the players, but Grumble the dwarf force his way through to rescue the elf. I used a simple overbearing rule (I can no longer remember where I saw it) that just uses 1d6 per HD or level of creature involved in the scuffle. The elf got 3d6 for his level, +1 for his STR mod, and the bugbear and orc involved got 3d6 for the bugbear and 1d6 for the orc. Winning side can pin, immobilize, or carry off the loser. It worked very nicely.)

After this the party decided to go back to their original plan of seeking the drow altar and descended to the second level. They noticed a hallway I forogt to draw on their map last time (um…secret door, yeah, that’s it, secret door!) and found some drow elves and lesser driders to fight (I’ve only been giving them 3 HD, as this is supposed to be the second level of the dungeon!); then they proceded to altar room.

The party left their lightbearers, Schozzi and Stabby John, behind in the altar room with a rope to pull them back through the portal when they complete their mission. This is because the portal seemed to be one way — you can go through the altar to the cave entrance outside but once on the other side, thep ortal is not “there;” however someone still in the altar room can reach through and pull you back.

The cave was another one with a face carved on the entrance — this time a demon face.  But what is inside, kind of secret right now, since I’m still working on this dungeon as a module that I’ll either condense into a One Page Dungeon or publish on Dragonsfoot or something so more on that later.

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  1. Count me as one vote for One Page Dungeon!

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