Snow, stoned, and trolls: Telengard Session report 17

Wednesday’s session was delayed a bit by the snow – I did not get home until about 6:45, which was huge bummer as I needed to clear off the gaming table and organize my notes. Fortunately most of the guys were already there, and Richard had even picked up some pizza for me so we could dive right in to gaming.

This session we had Tom (playing Grumble the dwarf and a magic-user henchman whose name I forget), Richard (Swinlow the thief), John (Big Mac the paladin), Matt (Matrim the fighter), and Ross (Zorro the cleric). It looks like this will be the “full complement” for a while, barring any bites at the flier I put up a couple weeks ago at the FLGS. (I’m a little surprised that the library got so many more responses). Adam (Sparky the elf) will probably not be back for a long time, if ever, and Bob is still unable to attend while he attends to his wife’s recovery. This session there was not a lot of in-town stuff to attend to, except that Zorro thought to ask the local bishop about the tomb of the “divine king” they discovered last time. He was mostly unhelpful, as the pseudo-Egyptian kings ruled the Telengard area several thousands of years ago and long before the coming of the Norse Catholic Church.

On their way back from the cathedral the party ran into Stonefoot and a few of his croneys. (At this point I spilled my beer and had a frantic clean-up interrupt the RP. Crap. But on the other hand I didn’t find my DMing compromised by beer at all this time, so that’s good.) Stonefoot loudly announced that he planned to kill the trolls himself, and the PCs didn’t respond, so off he went.

Back in the Haunted Mine the party continued exploring the tombs area, despite the unlikelihood of any trolls being in an area that was sealed off for centuries. They found a falling block trap, covering an area of 10×10 feet and potentially blocking off the only way deeper into the tombs. As they saw no easy way to disarm it, they spent a lot of time figuring out a safe way to avoid stepping on any section of the floor underneath it. The settled on using rope and spikes to set up a line to climb across, after having the pack ape hurl one of the PCs over the suspect 10’ section. In the next room they found a well and a offering bowl, and guardians began emerging from the well. The only way to stop the stream of random 3rd level monsters would have been to offer some blood in the bowl, but the party did not figure out that blood was the correct offering. This reminded me that you really need to give more than one clue to any problem. I had set them up with an inscription demanding “the drink of the gods” but this was not as helpful as I thought it might be. I had just blogged about Chitzen Itza earlier and I suppose I was primed to think about blood sacrifice, but the players got stuck on thinking it must be mead, or wine. They did not think to bring that up with the bishop so really I provided very insufficient clues.

The random monsters, some of them mere animals, struck at least one player as bizarre and realistic, and although I generally hold to the “mythic underworld” theory of dungeons, I could see his point and I think I need to tailor the random monster tables to the dungeon level.  I did that on other levels and dungeons and should do it again.

One of the random guardians was a medusa, which turned Big Mac to stone. Luckily there was a henchman for John to take over or he’d have been pretty bored. The party managed to defeat the well puzzle by brute force, collapsing the well with their “thunder club” which can do structural damage once per day. (I really should have made that set off the falling block trap too but did not think of it). Delving deeper they found and defeated a full-blown mummy, and looted his tomb. The next problem was how to get Mac out of the dungeon, with the trap in the way, and they spent quite a bit of time working it out. Having two engineers with geotechnical experience really forces you to up your traps game! When the party returned to town, hauling Mac, they found Stonefoot & crew on their way into the Haunted Mine. After a bit of discussion Stonefoot agreed to give the party first crack at the trolls, but threatened to come back in two days. At the same time, Gologoth the berserk, egged on by the thieves in both parties, challenged Matrim to a duel. The build-up on this was fun but the actual fight was over very quickly, owing to Gologoth’s poor HP rolls and AC and Matrim’s general competence. Oh well. The party also negotiated with Al-Masir the Moor, the only wizard in town who could turn stone to flesh. That was quite a bit of role-playing fun for me but I learned Matt doesn’t really enjoy negotiating with NPCs. Good to know. After getting Mac unstoned, the party returned one last time to the mines and found the troll. And his wife and kids. A frantic and furious combat ended with two sleeping juvenile trolls and two dead adult trolls. The party hauled the captive trolls back to town and finally got Matrim’s foot regrown, as the bishop needed fresh troll blood to do it. A good ten minutes of hilarity ensued as the players speculated on the use and abuse of trolls and the troll blood market.

I think it’s a good sign when everyone is laughing at the end of a session and one player even needs to whip out his inhaler.

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  3. Thanks! The site seems to be back up; must’ve been a temporary thing.

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