Golightly’s choices

One aspect of the Telengard setting I had a lot of enthusiasm for at the beginning, but which has kind of fizzled, was the idea of having guilds for each of the classes. The guilds still exist in Skara Brae and they do get some traffic from the PCs but they are not a very big component of the game. I’ve had trouble thinking of uses for them, for one thing. An early idea was to make them a place to hear rumors and get quests, but I really don’t want to make them train stations for whatever railroad I think up — I don’t like rail roady games and so far the players have had no trouble choosing their own way in the setting. If any adventure opportunities arise that involve the guilds, it will be the players’ choice to pursue them. All I’ve used the guilds for so far is to sap some of the loot gained in the dungeon and as a convenient way to introduce new players (“There’s a successful party over at the Worthy Mead Inn who have been taking new adventurers under their wings…”).

Clerics and magic-users have been sort of exceptions to the guild system too. I couldn’t see magic-users being so organized and disciplined that they’d work in a collective guild, so instead they just have a council of higher level wizards and each m-u can seek and train their own apprentices. PCs need a master to gain level 2 and the “free” spells that all m-us gain when they gain levels. Because no-one played an m-u at first, I never really got around to creating potential master wizards. When Richard’s replacement secondary character hit second level, I wrote down some names and had him pick one, which did not do much to enhance the game at all. The next session we stopped using the secondary characters, because the table was getting crowded anyway, so it hasn’t mattered much.

But now that Golightly has hit second level, and since his player may be back soon, I put a little effort into establishing a few wizards. The ones I offered to Richard’s character were:

Abramelin the sage (Lawful)
Snorri the wise (Neutral)
Xusia (Chaotic)

Not exactly a lot to go on. Abramelin is fairly familiar to the party as the local sage, and I don’t want to blur the roles he’ll play, so I think instead I’ll make another Lawful m-u, or ideal several to choose from. I’ll also need a few more neutral mages — I imagine the Wizards’ council having six or seven members. Xusia will be vaguely familiar to anyone who’s seen the fourth or fifth greatest sword & sorcery movie of all time…(After Dragonslayer, Conan the Barbarian, & ExcaliburThe sword & the sorcerer! That’s ignoring animated films like Fire & ice and all Tolkien films since I don’t really think of that as S&S.)

So far I’ve come up with:

Lawful: Thegn Magnus (head of the council and very traditionalist); Abremelin the sage (Local sage, a little absent-minded and greedy but honest)

Neutral: The Laughing Wizard (real name unknown; a prankster and nuisance); Snorri the Wise (a venerable former adventurer with many animal pets); Al-Masir the Moor (a foreign wizard, noted for his use of fire and summoning spells)

Chaotic: Xutia (mysterious denizen of Xutia’s Citadel, a fortified tower in the south side of Skara Brae); Egil the Grim (a former adventurer renowned for slaying many other magic users as well as monsters); Cyclopeatron II (an alleged descendant of the mad wizard Cyclopeatron from another age)

The specific spells each knows will be determined just in time…when one is selected as a mentor, I’ll roll them up.

<Update: needing a Stone-to-Flesh spell cast due to the events of  a previous session, it turned out Al Mansir knows that spell.  Also, this week a Ring of Water Walking which had been id’ed by  until now reliable Abremalin turned out to be a cursed Ring of Delusion.>

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  1. Nice. Funny how just a few well-chosen details can make all the difference. I think my mage would pick Al-Masir. (Any alignment system pretty much means I’ll be neutral because it is the least limiting of choices.)

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