Telengard Session 19

Wednesday’s game was a little off.  For some reason I was a little slow and nervous, probably because I’ve been trying to figure out how to get together a self-contained scenario to run next month at AnCon which will still jibe with the current campaign.  I think I made a bad call submitting a title and description that is kind of out in left field.  I should see about changing that before anyone pre-regs for it.

Anyway I knew Tom would be absent as he has a big project going on at work so we were down to Ross, John, Richard, and Matt.  Usually Tom kind of keeps everyone on task so it is always a little weird when he’s not there.

Since we had to stop last time before the party could “finish” exploring the Singing Cave, they went ahead and did so.  They walked into a minor ambush (about a dozen lizard men, which the fighter-heavy party tore up pretty good).  They found a few lizard man eggs and took them as there was very little loot left to be had.  The weird green, glowing, buzzing stalagmite in one chamber was too much of a temptation and Zorro touched it, losing two points of CHA (very harsh but that’s how the the module is written!) and gained a consolation roll on the Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness mutation table.  Horns! “What kind of horns,” Ross asked.  Erm…I wrote a list really fast … goat, bull, deer, moose, ibex (is an ibex an antelope or a bird?)… he rolled deer.  So antlers, really.  Kind of disturbing.

They touched a lizardman egg to the stalagmite (no obvious effect) too and then left.  Back in town they avoided their usual sage, who had misled them about the Ring of Delusion, and instead tried talking to Bertram the Alchemist, who was friendly and helpful but a shrewd businessman.  Between Bertram and the Bishop they made out that he stalagmite was an incursion into Midgard from another world, probably Muspelheim (land of the fire giants).  They were warned not to tell Xutia about it and to ask the Bishop about some kind of atonement Zorro might undertake to get rid of the taint of chaos (the CHA penalty and antlers).  Meanwhile Mac sat drinking at the Worthy Mead Inn, where he and Grumble will drink free for life as reward for clearing the basement of the rat god cult.  Mac learned that beneath Skara Brae there is a much older Dwarven city.  The dwarves were here first, now it’s humans, and how the humans displaced the dwarfs is not discussed.  Some older citizens of Skara Brae even remembered finding entrances to the dwarf city via some sewers, but they warned Mac it is dangerous.  There was quite a bit of in-town roleplaying.  It was fun.  John and Richard recounted some of the previous adventures that happened before Ross and Matt joined.  That was pretty cool.  A story is emerging.

At this point in the evening I got a call from my mom that Tom was in the ER with chest pains.


Richard gave me a lift to the hospital — I asked him to because I was a little tipsy from pounding beers for the last hour of the game and also because I am not always very good about dealing with “emergencies.”  Richard can be abrasive at times but he is one of the very few people, apart from Tom, that I pretty much trust unconditionally and I’m glad he was there.  I was 90% sure my brother, who has been my best friend for my entire life, was going to die.

It turned out that it was “just” his gall bladder, and out it came, and he’ll have scars that he will almost certainly pass off to his nieces and nephews as sword wounds. And he will, I think, make it a priority to get himself healthy again.  I plan to be kicking his ass on a daily basis to make sure to make sure he eats right and exercises and all the rest.   An hour ago he got home and he talked about life and D&D and his health issues and I think things will be OK.

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  1. Glad to here it was only serious and not SERIOUS.

    On the bright side, now, for the rest of his long life, you can, as his brother, bring up how he totally ruined the best gaming session ever. The jerk.

  2. Damn…

    Glad everything is OK…

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