Busy, busy, busy

No time right now for a detailed session report on the D&D campaign.  Richard, the healthiest guy in the group (runs marathons and everything) made although he’d been in the ER earlier with symptoms of heart trouble.  WTF?!? Maybe Telengard is cursed. First Bob has some issues, then Tom’s scare, and Ross was also out this time for a mysterious surgery he didn’t want to go into detail about, and now Richard.  John and Matt better be careful.  I’m doubling up on the high fiber cereal, just in case.

Anyway the players decided to go back into the dwarven ruins, killed some monsters, found some pirate spys, and spent about 20 minutes figuring out a fiendish puzzle.  Although I was really hoping they’d go to one of the many dungeons I actually stocked and statted out, they suddenly decided they have to “finish” the map of the ruins before doing anything else.  That’s alright, I could use some practice improvising anyway. Gist:

  • a lot of fun role-playing with the pirates, who acted shocked and offended that the party attacked them on sight
  • they discovered the pirates have gunpowder weapons.  As John observed, the town guard of Skara Brae are in some deep stuff when the pirates raid
  • the party has not alerted the town about the fact that the pirates have this secret weapon (and were not sure they’d even mentioned that they heard the pirates are planning a raid, but were strangely serene about the possibility that the town has no warning)
  • they did turn the pirates over to the Fireguard, so that was a good move
  • the trick (which I ripped off something online somewhere) was: Two statues, Maxa and Nora, guard a passage and will not let anyone pass until they can figure out why only one statue ever speaks at a time when they ask questions.  They can ask anything EXCEPT what is the solution.  The solution was: Maxa answers any question posed with a sentence starting with a word beginning with A-M, Nora answers N-Z.  It sounds pretty simple but four really smart guys can come up with some seriously convoluted theories to match the data they collected.  That was actually a lot of fun too.

The other things taking up time:

  • my LotFP:WFRP Grindhouse ed. came!!!  You may recall I won a copy for suggesting an illustration idea in one of the many marketing contests Raggi ran.  (He’s been very smart about marketing every step of the way, really.)  Short story: It is very cool from what I have seen so far.  The art is great, if very very dark. I don’t think I will run it over B/X but I am still stealing ideas from it for my campaign.
  • My town’s library and schools both had levies this week, and we’ve been putting up signs, leafleting, etc. all last month, and it paid off! Both passed!
  • The library also had a book sale last night and I’m not bragging but I finally scored a copy of Hrolf Kraki’s Saga by Poul Anderson; The king in yellow by Robert Chambers; and the complete Lankhmar series by Fritz Lieber, not to mention 20 or so other books, including a novelization of Zardoz, a copy of Charles Fort’s Book of the damned, and a bunch of pulpy fantasy by Lin Carter, Andre Norton, and de Camp.  Sweet.
  • We may have another new player, who responded to a post I put up on a meet-up site.  I’ll be meeting with him tonight.  I spent altogether too much time trying to orchestrate a meeting that would include Richard & Tom, who are both much more sociable and talkative than I am.  I am not great at meeting people.  Maybe they’ll be able to make it, but I’m just going to bite the bullet and meet him by myself if need be.

So, lots going on, mostly good stuff, except for Richard’s heart attack thingy.

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  1. Telengard… cursed?

    You’ve invoked the name ‘Telengard’, and all the curses flung at computer monitors years ago from all those players are now looking for vengeance!

  2. A novelization of Zardoz? I can’t even imagine…

    “Schtay behind my aura…”

    • Can’t possibly be any more ridiculous than the movie.
      Maybe if it was anyone other than Sean Connery, in anything other than a red diaper and waders, I could have sat through the movie without fast forwarding 1/2 or more. Still, it has its moments. 🙂

  3. It’s good to be busy in the gaming sort of way, eh?! Sorry to hear about your friend’s heart woes. I can relate, unfortunately.

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