And then there were two…Telengard session 22

So last session was actually a week ago but I’ve been kinda busy with a big birthday party for my daughter, who turned six, and house guests, and stuff.  Anyway, the party was determined to “finish” the dwarven ruins, and returned to them yet again. This time Swinlow the thief was killed early on by a fiendish device (a GW chaos dwarf war machine called the “Whirlwind” — I couldn’t find an image online very easily, and have never photographed my own model, but imagine a pushcart topped with whirling blades and flails that spin as it moves, a lot like the machine in the movie Labyrinth and also a lot like the scythed chariot drawn by Leonardo da Vinci —

Like this, except it's a cart pushed by a dwarf-boar centaur...and has flails on top too

<update: here’s a link to a pic of the model>

Anyway Swinlow the thief got in it’s way as it was trundling down the hallway, and was killed.  The rest of the party managed to avoid it and killed the centaur but they had to go back to the surface, and decided to have Swinlow Reincarnated rather han Raised (this was Swinlow’s third death, for those keeping score).

Cut to a long, drawn out discussion of how to pay for the spell, and who in town could cast it, and why it is a better idea than just getting him raised (from what I gathered Richard was wanting a new character anyway and reincarnation was seen as a way to retain some XPs).  So…I missed the B/X version of the spell, somehow, and decided to use the AD&D PHB version, and we rolled…Hobgoblin.  So Swinlow gained infravision, which was something he really wanted, and lost the ability to speak or understand common (ouch), rerolled most of his stats (about the same as before), and became more of a fighter (basically I was using the dwarf class, but let him keep his old thief skills and XP).  In hindsight I really wish I’d seen the B/X rules for this, which actually cover XP (roll level, 1d6, max = old level) and give a much better chances of coming back as a human or demihuman, etc.  I probably should have made him lose his thief skills too, or greatly reduced them, but whatever.

In the ensuing return to the dungeon, Swinlow was enjoying his new-found badassery (hobgoblins fight like fighters, and have infravision) but during a major battle with some wraiths, Swinlow stayed invisible and began looting the treasure while the party was fighting.  This would normally be Standard Operating Procedure for Swinlow but now Big Mac the paladin has a magic sword that lest him see the invisible.  Cue major blow-up after the fight, and the party ejects Swinlow, who runs off to steal everything still back in the clubhouse while Grumble the dwarf is stuck in the dungeon (he was Geased by some dwarven runes in the ruins) and Mac and Matrim deal with some other business in town.  Things became very uncomfortable for this part of the session as I tried to sweep the mess under the carpet, suggesting Swinlow could make off with most of the loot hidden in the party’s house (he did have a ring of invisibility). 

Apart from the curse which prevents him from leaving the dungeon now, Grumble was a big winner, finding a Dwarven Thrower! 

Anyway Richard is rolling up a new PC (Swinlow will almost certainly return as an NPC villan later), so when the new guy Marc joins us later, he won’t be the only 1st level character.

The original Telengard party is down to two of the orignal members, although most of the original PCs did not die.  I think the total body count has been:

  • Mac the fighter: petrified by a medusa but restored to flesh, slain by some other monster, but raised
  • Echinacea the elf: killed by mutant rats, dead.
  • Matrim the fighter: slain by yellow mold but raised, lost a foot to a cone of cold but had it regrown.
  • Carlos the cleric: slain and not raisable.
  • Swinlow: slain by skeletons but raised, slain by yellow mold but raised, slain by the Whirldwind machine but reincarnated, now an NPC
  • Grumble the dwarf: failed many saves versus death (telefragged) and poison (spiders etc.) but always rolled well enough on the Death & Dismemberment chart to survive
  • Van Torson the cleric, Tumble the halfling, and others: retired
  • Hirelings lost: two swordsmen, several torch bearers.

I may be forgetting some.  I think almost everyone was reduced to zero HP by an Umber hulk on Telengard Level 3, and several PCs were close in the Belly of the Beast, but I don’t anyone died then.  I should review the recaps.

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  1. Sounds like fun – how long are your sessions, just out of curiosity? Love the elf’s name. Congrats on your one page dungeon win!

    • Thanks!
      We generally play for about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of banter before we start and when everyone arrives.

  2. Down to only two original members…???

    They could be an Eighties rock band…

  3. I think Big Mac died in the fights with the rats too. So did swinglo. I think that was almost TPK with everyone being hauled out to the Temple by the halfling.

    • Swinlow was not present at the rats-under-the-tavern scenario (that was the one Richard walked out on). Maybe Mac was down but not dead…Grumble had been turned into a rat-like creature too, right?

      • Yeah only tumble the halfling passed every save and survived every fight. (That is why I think it is BS that someone defeated him “off screen” even if the odds were against him he would have found a way to win.)

      • who was the third person then?

        • Mac, Grumble, and Swinlow were the remaining “original” PCs who were still in play, so now it’s just Grumble and Mac.

        • No I ment who was the third person that night?

          • Third person to do what? Which night? 8(

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