Telengard session 23: The jaws that bite, the claws that catch

Just a quick recap as I need to recap session 24 which was at AnCon still too.

This session Richard started his new character, a halfling.  I decided to try giving halflings a little more in the skills department (three pips at 1st level, and one per level thereafter), so he should make an adequate replacement for Swinlow eventually.

The party was intent on finishing the ruins, especially since Grumble has a Geas that forces him to do so or face a curse.  So they systematically explored and hacked their way through Chaos warriors hold a secret ritual to enchant a new idol, a Shambling mound living in a mossy section of the ruins, and they found a sort of elevator that took them down to an actual Dwarf city beneath the ruins.  Apparently the dwarves of Telengard moved deeper underground after the humans arrived, and have been using the Dwarf Ghetto in Skara Brae as a front.  The party didn’t stat there long, though.  Back in the ruins they also found a secret tunnel.  The tunnel was very low so Grumble the dwarf and Quinly the halfling were the ones to explore it while the rest of the party waited, not wanting to crawl.  The tunnel was about 3′ high and turned out to be over 200′ long, and they found that it led to the lair of starving but dangerous Jabberwock!

Grumble stood and fought it while Quinly went back for help.  Grumble fought desperately while the rest of the party crawled to his rescue. Although grumble reduced the beast to a handful of hit points, it wore him down and killed him before the fighters could get there, and they found him partly eaten.  Now, every single player has had their PC die at least once!  Tom had long been the holdout, because his dwarf was very tough and usually cautious.

The Jabberwock had a vast hoard of treasure, so the party was able to Raise Grumble, and then they set to spending some of their loot on carousing and whatnot.

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  1. Interesting. Did it have a Vorpal Sword in that mass of treasure?

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