Telengard Session 24: Much ado about AnCon

AnCon ran this weekend, and as I’ve mentioned I ran my Telengard campaign there, hoping to attract a new player or two, to support &  enjoy a local con, and to expose Matt and Richard, who’ve never been to a con, to the dorkside of gaming culture.

I got off to a late start as I found out about a petition drive to repeal the vindictive and anti-worker union busting bill Ohio’s legislature passed (it is basically a lot like that other anti-union bill that was all over the news).  So me & the wife stopped by the FOP to sign, and I didn’t get to the con until about 11 AM, just 1 hour before game time!  Although I got some great advice in my previous appeal for advice on including new characters into an ongoing game, I didn’t really prepare apart from grabbing my usual Telengard binder and screen, Kellri’s Old School Encounter Reference (which I did not actually crack open), Hack & Slash’s Tricks and Empty Rooms book (which I printed as a digest-sized booklet and didn’t actually crack either), and the Companion Expansion, which I do use for its treasure tables, as well as the B/X books and the AD&D Monster Manual (still the best monster book ever IMO).

Tom & I furiously generated 10 characters for any new players that might show up, and my regulars Tom, Richard, and Matt all made it, as did Marc, the new guy.  Unfortunately no one else signed up, but that certainly took a load off.  One 1st level M-U in a fighter-heavy party works fine.  His Sleep spell was well-placed and saved the party a lot of trouble.

So, like BITD of marathon D&D sessions, we played more or less straight from noon to 8 PM.  We broke for a quick dinner and shopping intermission (first time I ever left a con with no minis, but I did buy some dice from Bob who was able to make the con despite some health issues).  Speaking of the vendors, there was a good mix of stuff — Crazy Egor, Spellbinder’s, Underhill’s, Bob’s own Light Trading Company, and a number of smaller vendors selling various items.  I saw one of the Arduin Grimoires at Egor’s, and a pile of old lead at Spellbinder’s, but I was content with a few dice — a d16, d24, and some reaction and trap “DM” dice.  I resisted the d7, which looks really weird, and the d50 and d100, which look impractical.

When we were kind of winding down the D&D game, a passerby asked about our game and wanted in, and he turned out to be a very cool dude.  AJ — who is apparently behind the Nerdify Games site — ran through a bit of the dungeon as a cleric, and because the party chose to fight a chimera, also got to roll on the death & dismemberment chart (he was fatally wounded but could be saved by a healing potion) and leveled up (100 XP/HD is a real boon to low level PCs!).  He had a good sense of humor and listened patiently to our banter, and lives nearby, so we were ready to invite him to the regular campaign, but he’s only available on weekends.  Maybe he’ll hook up with Marc and/or Matt, who have weekends free for D&D, and who both seemed interested in his podcasting, which I will have to check out some time.

The downsides to AnCon were the crowded gaming area (we were literally yelling at times), the disorganization (the organizers could not tell me which table my game was supposed to run at, so we just squatted), and the lower than usual turnout according to folks who have been there before.  Still, gift horses and mouths, eh?

Anyway in the game, the party delved yet again into the dwarf ruins to finish a few unmapped areas, so they could move on.  They found a black pudding, which caused some havoc, and they also went down to the dwarven city again to try to pawn a giant silver skull, but the dwarves were aghast that the party had disturbed the thing, which was a coffin for a traitor denied a proper burial in the earth. The party agreed to rebury the body in the crypts of Telengard, but decided to wait until the cleric and/or paladin were with them again.

I meant to explain away their absence with a religious festival, but totally forgot.

Anyway the party became interested in the open pit mine, and began to explore it.  There they overcame some hazards (rock slides and such) and slew a manticore, before descending further and finding that morlocks had overrun a stretch of shacks along the ramp down into the pit.  These morlocks were accompanied by some less primitive albinos in plate mail and carrying great swords, but these proved to be no match for the party.

Next the party discovered a cave off the ramp, and inside morlocks were feasting on miners, while more prisoners wailed for help.  These morlocks also had a pair of overgrown, ogre-sized morlocks with them.  At about this time AJ joined, and the party found a secret passage that seemed to be more in line with the dungeon Telengard — unnatural and slightly surreal.  The monsters here were a pair of hags (more or less a rip-off of Telecanter’s “Stitchers”) and a bantling (also one of Telecanter’s ideas).  To my surprise they took the bantling to the church, and a running joke became the increased size of the thing every time the party came back to the church to drop off their monstrous prisoners.   Then they found a weird machine with a pair of hoppers on one end and one hopper on the other; axes and spears littered the ground on the first end and halberds on the other.  The party could not figure out what to do with the thing and moved on, finding, in succession, man-scorpions and scorpion-men (the former being composed of exactly the opposite parts as the latter) as well as fly-men with the heads and wings of flies, and man-flies with the heads of men and bodies of flies.  The captured all of them using sleep spells except for the fly-men which they killed. (Marc is an M-U and Richard took an elf as well as his halfling.)  The party will be trying to figure out what happened to the man-flies and man-scorpions etc., as their human parts seem to be those of known miners.  And of course the pirates of Delos still loom on the horizon.

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  1. Great read!

    Loved seeing the mention of Crazy Egor. He’s from my home town. I’ve been away from the hobby for about 20 years and didn’t realize that he was still going at it.

  2. Awesome. Did any limbs get stitched together?

    • Nah, my players cut the old women down when they did not surrender. One of the fighters joined the Fireguard guild and has been trying to arrest everythnig in sight.

  3. I saw you there and game looked very good. What part of Ohio you in? I’m interested in old style D&D

    • Awesome! My first stalker!
      Just kidding.
      I’m in Cuyahoga Falls. I’ll shoot you an email.

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