Telengard session 26: Fire in the hole!

This session will likely be Matt’s last until school starts up again, as gas prices make it hard for even a Chief Exceutive Team Trainer at Chik-Fil-A to justify the commute.  Here’s hoping he is able to hitch a ride again some time!  We’ll miss him.

The party was asked to investigate the sightings of “strange clouds” outside of town, and eventually determined that the cloud was actually an airship.  Long story short:

  • The party spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to pilot that hot air balloon they’d found back when they explored theBelly of the Beast, and how to use it to attack the airship.
  • The rest of the session (maybe two hours) was devoted to some aerial exploration, jockeying for a better position, and finally boarding the enemy airship.
  • It was crewed by 20 archers, two wizards, and a small red dragon chained to the deck as a power source to fly the thing.
  • The dragon was largely indifferent to the fighting until oneo f the enemy wizards slipped into his cabin and drank a potion of dragon control, at which point it breathed fire, ruining the party’s ballon and kiling Garmin the magic-user.
  • Below decks a fire giant was a passenger, and he emerged several rounds after the party boraded the airship, just after the party vanquished the dragon. (Good thing the dragon was chained down!)
  • The party also defeated the giant and landed the ship, finding all kinds of big loot including two dragon hides (which were the wizards’ spell books, naturally).  They also skinned the red dragon.  As the party’s fighter types negotiated back in town about who which claim which hide to make armor, the Raised magic-user realized that the hides were spell books and that he’d need a lot of time to copy down the spells for his own book.

I tried out the ‘grappling’ rules suggested in an earlier post and they were…meh. Otherwise things went fairly smoothly, evewn tohugh I once again did nothing to prepare apart from scribble a diagram of what the pirate airship might look like at lunch.  Kellri’s Old SChool Encounter Reference served up a couple of random spell books for the wizards, altohugh in hindsight the AD&D spell list is vastly different from the B/X list.  I am reminded once again that I am much more familiar with the spells of AD&D than any other edition.

I’m pretty confident that there will no more than one more ‘pirate invasion’ session and then things should probably go back to dungeoneering (which is a lot easier to preapre and run, with all the built-in limitations on where you can go and what you can do!).  I guess the players might decide to embark on wilderness exploration too, now that they’ve captured an airship, which would be OK too — stocking wilderness hexes might be pretty fun.  And it would be an excuse to whip out the terrain models.

Anyway it occured to me after the fact that I have just thrown two of the toughest monsters in the game — dragons and giants — at the party.  The dragon was literally hobbled, being chained to the deck of the airship, and it spent the first half of the fight zonked out on account of the spells of the wizards who were controlling it, and the giant emerged from below decks, which was a significant tactical disadvantage for him, but still … a red dragon and a fire giant. 

Fuire giants will doubtless continue to be a factor in the campaign, as they seem to be attracting chaos cultists to their banner, and among the papers in the wizard’s cabin room was a drawing of a two fire giants hauling a great “wall breacher” cannon…bad news for Skara Brae.

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  1. These play reports are a lot of fun to visualize mentally… Balloon!

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