Telengard session 27: The battle of Puddington Bridge

I knew this week’s game would be a little short-handed as Tom couldn’t make it due to work, and I was pretty sure Matt would not be back this week due to transportation issues, so when John, and then Ross, cancelled, I began to contemplate calling off the game.  But then Matt said he would be there, so game on, and then at the last minute Marc had to call off, so I we were looking at two players and one DM again for the first time in about twenty sessions (I came close to having just two players on Bob’s first night, and then there was the time one player left the game due to in-fighting. 

I narrated a brief cut-scene to explain what happened after the party loaded their wagon with loot and returned to town for two  solid days of carousing last time. We see several hobgoblins watching from a ridge.  The party loots the ship, loads treasure and fried mage onto the wagon, and takes off back to town.  A group of farmers stand around gawking at the ship and dragon carcass and giant bones.  TAt dusk the hobgoblins attack, driving off the farmers, and board the ship, and a shaman starts a controlled magical fire to inflate the balloons, and it takes off.  A note is left on the ground, in Swinlow’s hand, that says “Thanks for the lift, fuckerrrrs!”  A bruised farmer comes to Skara Brae the next morning and finds a badly hung-over Quinnly and Matrim and tells them the news. Grumble has gone underground to ask the dwarven kingdom below Skara Brae for help in the impending siege; Big Mac is called upon by the Citadel of Law to help plan the town’s defenses; Zorro has to help the bishop organize a makeshift hospital; and Garmin has been scribing spells from a dragonhide, locked away in the tower of his new master.  So, it is up to Quinnly and Matrim to deal with the news that a party of pirates, including two giants, are hauling a great cannon into position, while Porttown is in flames.

I was a little worried about how to continue the current story line, which (still!) involves the PC’s attempts to thwart/defeat the pirates’ planned raid on the town, and back when I thought it would be a mostly “full house” I decided that the problem this week would be that a party of about a dozen peon pirates, with a wizards, high level captain, and two low-level half-orc lieutenants escorting two hill giants who were dragging a massive cannon into position.  It would be a tough fight for the full party but winnable.  With just two PCs, it would be a massacre, so I was relieved when Richard & Matt began looking for volunteers nad mercenaries to help them.  They ended up with a dozen halfling volunteers from Puddington, and two expert archers from the hireling’s guild, as well as a complement of six Fireguard recruits.  I decided to test out the “Armsman’s Guild” rules I proposed earlier and the Fireguards were all treated as “pikemen.”

So Matt and Richard considered several plans and it was interesting to see how smoothly (for the most part) planning goes with just two PCs.  A full table would have debated the perfect plan for a lot longer, I think.  Short story: the PCs noted a bridge near Puddington that the pirates would certainly need to cross, and so they weakened it and planned to demolish it just as the giants rolled the cannon onto it, sinking the cannon into the river.  There was fair amount of tense rolling to hide, to bobbytrap the bridge, and so on once plans were fully detailed, when the NPCs wavered at the sight of the giants, it took roleplaying to rally the troops.  Although Matt is quickly flustered by RPing and Richard had a hard time resisting the urge to feed him lines, it was a lot of fun.  Anyway the plan went pretty well, with a lot of good rolls to back up the good plans, and in the inevitable battle, the hill giants were taken out by the halflings under Quinnly’s command and the rest of the pirates were disheartened enough to flee when the giants went down.  The “good guys” lost only one halfling, one archer, and three pikemen, while the pirates losses were both giants, the cannon, and several pirates.  It was also fun to break out the terrain and grass matt for an outdoor skirmish.  Both players seemed to have a good time (Richard was particularly shocked at well the whole thing went for them), and they then continued for another hour of antics which they are not planning to report to the rest of the party so I’ll keep it under my hat. (Players: Relax, guys, it’s nothing backstabby or anything!)  It does look like Puddington has a new hero, though!

Next time we do a skirmish like this I must remember to take some pics!  But it may be just as well; I had goblins standing in for the halflings militia which looks kind of odd…)

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  1. Secretes huh?

    I might have to stomp it out of them.

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