Telengard session 28: The Seige of Skara Brae: the set up

One thing I’ve been wanting to see happen is the whole ‘pirate raid’ story line getting finished, and with all the build up in the last few sessions I thought it would be the most fun to put the PCs in the siege, and let their success or failure determine if the city falls.

The pirates themselves have been pretty badly depleted by the party’s actions (the taking of the airship and the secret mission last time making some headway, and the loss of the great cannon outside Puddington really put a kink in their plans).  But it turns out that the pirates were able to ally with some local humanoids who inhabit the Salt Fens and so the party faces pirates, orcs, bugbears, and ogres.

I decided that with the larger number of troops this time around I’d like to simplify things so I’m simplifying combat.

Combat: Except when PCs and major NPCs/monsters fight, all combatants will deal 1 point of damage (2 for ogres) and take 1 point of damage per HD to kill.  So, a bugbear takes three hits, an orc takes one.  PCs attacking cannon fodder troops will just deal 1 point per die or +3 of modifiers (so d6+3 = 2 points,  d8+4 = 2 points, d8 = 1 point, etc.)  Combat with/against PCs and major NPCs use normal D&D rules.

This is not perfect but damned if I’m tracking HP for 20 pirates, 24 orcs, 10 bugbears, four ogres, and four gargoyles!

I will also assume that all attacks against units where the troops have more than one hit are accumulated on one guy at a time.

I thought about reducing the ground scale to 1″ = 10′ but decided against it.  Maybe next time there is a big battle I’ll do that.

Each player basically gets four peons to command, which will make sure all players get something to do through the whole siege.  The players have: four acolytes, four paladins, four fireguards, four archers, and four militia spearmen.  The militia also have a pot of boiling oil.

Here are some snapshots I took the night before the battle.  The PCs were not placed at that time.

The gates of Skara Brae, awaiting the assault

The defender's view

The Orcs of the Gruesome Visage, Chun the Unavoidable, and General Zarr

Ogres, Bugbears, and Pirates

The Fireguard grimly await the onslaught

 Ladders: one round to place, and they can be ascended at “walking” speed (40′ per round for an unencumbered man).  Pushing down ladders will be resolved like grappling (d6/AB (Attack bonus)) on each side.  So if three pirates with ABs of +2 each were to be on or holding the ladder, they’d roll 6 dice, while a strong PC like Matrim (Str 18, level 6, AB = +8) will roll 8 dice!  He has a good chance of pushing it down.  But if there was a bugbear holding the ladder at the bottom, add 4 dice for him….

Rams: The gates have 25 structural hit points, and the ram will do d6/round if manned by men or orcs, 2d6/round if manned by bugbears, and 3d6/round if manned by ogres.  Minimum crew is 8 men or orcs, 6 bugbears, or 4 ogres, to get that damage.  Use damage rating and required crew of the weakest type if mixed troops use it.

Ramparts: The crenelations give a +2 AC to defenders or complete cover if the defenders hide and don’t fight, shoot, or cast.  Also they get +2 to hit in melee when fighting guys on ladders.

Session report to follow.

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