Adventurers are familiar with the petrifying gaze of basilisks and medusae, and have learned some tricks to avoid them.  However few realize that along with petrification, there is is the risk of lignification by the gaze of the forest basilisk ( a cousin of the subterranean basilisk) and the medryad (a horrifying spirit combining the features of medusa and dryads).

A lignified adventurer. Certain forests are said to hold scores of such "statues," previously thought to be the work of some unknown artist.

Forest basilisks are unintelligent, six-legged reptilian monsters with a lignifying gaze.   Whether they consume their wooden victims, and what the forest basilisk’s normal diet would be, is unknown.

A medryads' victim

Medryads are evil creatures that arise when a dryad’s grove is maltreated or clear-cut. Although many dryads simply die when their tree is killed, for some reason a minority mutate into medryads.  Medryads often look like slightly disheveled dryads, although some look like relatively small, animated trees — like treants about 5-6 feet tall.  Their gaze only works at fairly close quarters, so they will use trickery, seduction, or any other means to lure their victims to them.  Medryads can disguise themselves as human or elf women, as well as assuming the form of a finely carved wooden statue of the same.  When a potential victim comes within 20′, they will use their gaze attack to turn them into wood.  Such victims look like roughly carved statues.  Within a day or two, bark usually begins to form on the statue, obscuring the victim’s features.  After a week, a lignified victim will morph into a tree trunk and begin to sprout limbs and leaves (or needles if coniferous).

Lignified creatures are not dead and can see and hear normally, although they may not communicate without a spell (cast by another!) such as ESP or Speak with Plants.  Lignified characters do not sleep and will slowly go insane, trapped in an immobile body. (Druids may in fact enjoy this peaceful repose.)

Certain druids may have the power to transmute wood to flesh.  Abremelin the Sage also speculates that a lignified person could be restored to flesh by being petrified by the usual means and then restored with a Stone to Flesh spell, although this theory is untested.

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  2. nice work

  3. […] une idée de monstres med-fan’ qui m’a bien plu. Et qui est tellement simple et efficace que je […]

  4. […] une idée de monstres med-fan’ qui m’a bien plu. Et qui est tellement simple et efficace que je […]

  5. I’m working on the B’s right now in the Massive Monograph — may I reference the Forest Basilisk (due credit to you, of course)?

    • Please do! I hereby give you permission to use any of my monsters.

      • Sweeeeeet! Thank you!

  6. This is strangely beautiful. There are so many myths about trees turning into people, never the other way around. You’ve made me wonder what else might have the same sort of surprise/recognition to it. Things we personify? So a person could be reified, into a tool or machine, for instance? My life as a house?

    I’m guessing if you’ve been lignified you’re not even acid-free. Sucks.

    • Thanks!

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