Telengard session 29: toad and troll

This week the party was just three players, as Tom & Richard both had to miss on account of work, and the newest players, Mike and Vincent, were sick.  Shockingly yet another potential player has responded to my flier (I didn’t even realize it is still up anywhere!) and I’ll try to meet him next week.

So the party was Matrim the fireguard, Mac the paladin, and Garmin the magic-user.  Examining the papers Garmin took from the wizard on the second level of the pit, they learned that he was trying to copy a machine called the “Universal Combiner” which had been created by the ancient wizard Cyclopeatron. The notes suggested he’d met with some success but hoped to find the original in “Cyclopeatron’s realm.”  The party considered taking the portal they’s discovered last time into Cyclopeatron’s realm, but decided against it since they were short-handed.  They also discussed destroying the machine they found on level two but decided not to bother with that either.  Instead they decided to return to the pit and go deeper down.

They reached the third “level” and were attacked by dragonmen while Matrim was searching for secret doors.  The dragon men hurled some javelins, and then attempted to grab the PCs and carry them off.  One managed to grab the magic user and carried him up 50′.  Already injured by arrows earlier in the fight, this dragonman was slain — leaving Garmin to plunge to his death had he not used a “Web” spell to attach himself to the sheer cliff face. ( There is a drop of about 70 feet between each of the higher levels of the pit — see the table here.)

As they continued deeper, the party found a cave which smelled terrible, and inside they fought toad-men.  We came close to a “TPK” when a pair of toad-clerics cast Hold Person, immobilizing the fighters, and Silence 15′ Raduis, silencing the magic-user.  Astonishingly, Garmin used his staff and managed to kill both toad-clerics in hand-to-hand combat, although he was reduced to 1 hp.  With the gruelling duration of these spells — 9 and 12 turns, respectively — it meant Garmin had to wait out nine wandering monster checks before his companions recovered.  Somehow he lucked out.

The party went back to town and after healing up, found a pair of workmen erecting a stature in honor of Stonefoot, the party’s rival and nemesis, who apparently slew a score of orcs and a frost giant in the siege last time.  They were recognized as “helping out” too, but they were suitably chagrined at being outshone again.  Matrim claimed credit for destroying two pirate ships Porttown, a feat that not yet been reported in Skara Brae.

The party managed one more delve into the pit, and fought more toad-men and troll.  The troll forced Matrim to roll on the death & dismemberment table, and he lucked out with a broken leg.  This was enough to convince the party to return to town yet again. 

The dungeon this time was partly on-the-fly (I had something else planned if the new guys had made it, and I had two back-up plans ready, but as usual the players threw me a curve ball), but mostly derived from a “pocketful of peril” map  [not the one linked to, and if you are one of my players don’t look at these, I may use elements of them!]  These are basically One Half Page Dungeons — short and sweet and handy as hell.

The remained of the session was spent talking about gaming, which was pretty fun.  Marc will be attending Origins this weekend, the lucky duck.  Matt admitted he’s dreamed about playing D&D, which John joked was “a bad sign” but I am terribly flattered that he looks forward to playing that much.

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