Finally painted some more minis

This weekend we got some “craft time” in, and I finally finished a few figures on my painting desk.  I am noticing that my eyesight is significantly worse than it used to be, and my ability to paint small details, especially eyes, is plummeting, although my ability to whip out a mini in about half an hour remains strong.  I think I spent four hours total painting this weekend, which accounts for the above five minis and work progressing on about a dozen others.  Of course some of the work on these guys was already done (the fighter had been started last August to give you an idea of how rarely I’ve been painting lately).

Anyway the first two are a satyr produced by Mega Minis from an older Metal Magic mold, and a TSR “korred” that I picked up at Origins about five years ago.

Black hair speeds things up immensely since I get to skip shading.  I sometimes highlight black hair but not on these two.  For a TSR mini, the korred is not bad.  He actually has a lot of character that was not evident before I painted him.

The next two are lamias.  Again there is a Mega Minis recast of a Metal Magic figure (on the right), and an older original — a Grenadier lamia that was very graciously sent to me by Scottsz.

Lamias are another monster from Greek myth, like the satyrs, but interestingly the Greek version was half woamn, half snake, while the D&D version is half woman, half mammal (I think the Grenadier one is supposed to have the lower half of a deer or elk, while the Mega Minis one is clearly half cat).

Lastly there is one of the Citadel “Fantasy Tribe Fighters” guys that was sent to me by Mike at Specter Studios.

I am not terribly satisfied by this one, but I know he’ll never be anyone’s first choice for a PC so I just did a ‘wargame’ standard paint job on him — he’s only ever going to be a NPC.  I like his pose but he’s not very inspiring for a ‘hero’.

Don’t ask me what that little maggot-looking thing on the ground next to him is.  I didn’t see it when I was photographing them.

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  1. Looking good!

    I sympathize about the tiny details… eye strain is a killer.

    I love the pose on that warrior!

  2. That korred is a right freakshow, what a head.

    • It does look like a fast food company mascot…

      • Maybe it’s a mask.
        Maybe it’s masks all the way down.

        • Monaco, you sick monkey… that actually gave me the creeps…

          ‘Masks all the way down’… I was thinking about planar cosmology stuff today while at the supermarket… alignment… Gygaxian ‘wheel of fortune’… Damn… Masks all the way down…

          I have to start from scratch… the planes *are* entities that can be ‘masked’… that would *have* to be masked. The lowest layer of the Abyss – the uncertainty there is near absolute. The nether regions would contain doubt and confusion everywhere. More than just the literal ‘maelstrom’ in Q1…

          Even Planescape was too literal and rendered…

          Where’s my bourbon?

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