Panic in the crypts: Telengard session 30

After cancelling last week, this time the campaign was pretty much back on track.  We were only missing Matt (Matrim), so the party was: Grumble the dwarf, Big Mac the fighter/paladin, Quinly the halfling, Garmin the magic-user, Thorin the cleric, and Durin the dwarf.
Grumble finally emerged from the dwarven city beneath Skara Brae, without reinforcements but with a mission to re-inter the silver skull “coffin” they’d found several sessions back in the dwarven ruins…and a partial map of the dwarven crypts they needed to go to.  Quinly  was back from Puddington, where he’d begun setting up an organized militia and spent a great deal of time partying it up as the village’s savior.  He told the party of his exploits with Matrim — the two had snuck down to Porttown and with some planning and luck managed to blow up one of the pirate ships in port, and cripple another, which had a big impact on the siege a couple of sessions back.
In the crypts, the party encountered a goat-man sentry who managed to blow his warning horn before being cut down, but being on a mission the party did not bother to investigate the goat-men and pressed deeper into the crypt.  Some goat-men caught up with the party were fairly quickly dispatched, and the party pressed on, to find an underground dwarven cathedral, inhabited by several ghosts.  Most of the party panicked and fled at the sight of the ghosts (save or panic and age 10 years per the Monster Manual!) but Grumble and Garmin held firm and asked for passage to carry out their mission.  The ghosts told them that they would only be allowed through if the party re-interred their bones as well, which had been disturbed in the catacombs.
This created that situation DMs and PCs alike dread: the party was split.  The fleeing PCs made it almost to the entrance of the dungeon, where more goat-men and a pair of satyrs were waiting.  It seems they had established a secret hideout in the crypt through a secret door the party overlooked.  The satyrs used their abilities to charm Mac and Quinly; Thorin fled from the goat-men.  Under the satyr’s charm, the PCs began to follow them into their lair, but Durin managed to talk sense into Quinly.  General chaos ensued and Mac ended up deep inside the lair while the rest of the party regrouped (Durin had been put to sleep, and Quinly had been panicked by the satyr’s pan-pipes.*
While the party frantically searched for Mac, he was led into a chamber and set upon by six goat-men.  When he cut down a pair of them, they realized their numbers might still permit them to overwhelm him, and using the grappling rules offered up earlier, they managed to grapple and then pin him, nad removing his helmet, bashed in his skull (reduced to zero hp; a roll on the Death & Dismemberment table yielded a broken bone).  Just then the party burst into the room, and in a furious melee killed off the goat-men and satyrs.  Huzzah!  Mac was saved with magical healing and the party pressed on. 
In the catacombs they found some ghouls and a ghast, and ultimately an undead troll.  Fun fact: Ghasts can ignore Protection from evil unless it is fortified by a circle of iron filings.  WTF? But that’s in the Monster Manual too and who am I to question the wisdom of Gygax.  The troll tore off Durin’s lower leg, so the party headed back to town.  Between a late start and a lot of discussion, we barely ended the session by 11 pm.

I think this was the first time the party was really split up in a way that threatened to kill some or all of them off — it was very wise of Grumble to try talking to the ghosts, and the whole thing created some good tension.  I sometimes worry that the threat of death and oom is not always that present and this time two PCs rolled on the D&D chart.  Also Drogo the linkboy was slain (by goat-men, I think).  The party kind of forgot about him, so they may find another undead creature lurking in the crypts next time.  I was a little sad to see Drogo go, too, because an offhand comment some time back had set some ideas in motion about his true nature.



*Did you know the word “panic” comes from the Greek “pan” for the god Pan — a satyr himself and maker of the first pan-pipes?  Did you care? No? OK then.

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  1. Remember Drogo!

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