Call him MISTER Daggins!

Jeff Rients mentioned a halfling NPC he made up, named Mr. Daggins, and who got really angry when asked what his first was.

I have a lot of halfling minis and have not been very avid about painting them, mainly because they mostly look like thieves or archers and if you have a mini with a short sword, a bow, and a sling you have covered ever halfling PC your likely to see in any D&D game, at least from AD&D onward.

But in my Basic D&D game, there have been two halfling PCs who are decked out in plate armor and kick butt in hand to hand as well as shooting.  Time to dig out the old Grenadier halfling set, which had one with mail, shield, and a sword.  Sure he looked like a Time Bandits midget more than a halfling, like all of Andy Chernak’s early halfling sculpts, but he’s ok.

In fact the Grenadier halfling has been sitting next to the gnome on my work desk, next to a Ral Partha gnome someone gave me last summer.  They have been waiting to be finished over a year!  Well, at least the gnome is done, and his full helm makes him suitable for a B/X halfling.  Behold, MR. DAGGINS –(actually, I guess he’ll most likely be Quinly in my game).

His sheild has a badger or fox face on it (I painted it as a fox, but could have done better if I took my time).

The base he’s on is 20mm wide, so this mini is about 16 mm tall — barely up to most minis’ waists.  But he looks like a badass, doesn’t he?

It took me almost a year to get him done, just because I have been painting so infrequently until the last couple weeks.

Here’s a few gargoyles (from the TSR Dragonstrike! game) I did the other night too.

Can’t wait to use them as scenery, over and over, until the players stop noticing them, then…BAM!

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  1. Love those gargoyle figures… you could mount them on one kind of base to represent the monster, and a different kind of base to represent statuary!

    • Well, that would spoil the surprise factor.
      “You see a dozen knobgoblins standing around a cauldron of steaming stew, with human hands floating in it.”
      (carefully places minis and draws a pot).
      “The walls of the camber are lined with various statues.”
      (carelessly strews about grey minis to represent statues, including some angels, humans, and these gargoyles) …
      (five rounds into the brawl some of the statues start attacking too!)

  2. Wow, those gargoyles paint up well. I still haven’t painted a single mini from my copy of Dragonstrike yet.

    Just haven’t had the desire to paint, with an active toddler in a small apartment.

    • Wish I had the full game. I only managed to find a few grey and green plastic prues at a ‘con. The VHS video ‘intro’ for the game was hilariously bad, and the red sprue had all the nest stuff … scorpion man, adventurers, maybe a dragon? Not to mention the boards and other components. A neat package — a buddy had the game but we never actually played it. Just made fun of the video.

  3. Neat figs. I think I recall that armored gnome in a Dragon ad.

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