Back to being a player … I’m stoked!

Meet Morax, aka Brother Hush:

Oh, she was a bad person ... probably an evil witch or something.

 S17, I14, W14, D16,C16, Ch11, HP5, Cleric/Assassin 1/1.

We’re playing AD&D with a few tweaks — alignments are basically done away with (although we do have allegiances); ascending AC is used; exceptional strength is removed, although fighter types get better benefits from high Str as they do Con; and characters have “prime” stats similar to C&C, although the mechanic is that attribute tests are rolls of X d6 vs. the attribute, and primes get to use one less d6. 

Character generation was spread across the tail of the penultimate Telengard session (where we rolled stats — 4d6, must have at least two 15+ rolls — and chose classes and applied modifiers for age — so my raw rolls were a very respectable 15,14,14,16,14,13) &  this session, in which we spent the first hour and a half catching up (it’s been two weeks since last game night) and getting the rest of the sheets filled in.  Tom added a nice homage to Fantasy Wargaming, having characters roll to see if they know how to swim, climb, ride, and read/write.  Poor Morax had no chance to know how to ride, and missed his Swimming roll, but being an assassin automatically knew how to climb, and being a cleric was literate.  All the other characters also got a roll on the ‘secondary skills’ chart too, so most of the PCs have some other useful skill, but Morax was clearly raised in a monastery to be a killer for the faith and has no secondary skills.

The game world is Yrth, the setting described in the GURPS fantasy supplement but which is unbelievably poorly documented online.  Basically it is a planet where, about 1000 years ago, a magical mishap pulled in bits and pieces of many other worlds and times, including Earth, so the dominant human cultures are descended from the Roman empire (a Byzantine/HRE mishmash), feudal Europe, and medieval Islamic.  So, my character is a fanatical member of a religious order (the Hospitallers) and is actually getting along swell with the group’s paladin (who is probably either a Templar or Hospitaller too). [Yeah, those orders came later than 1000 AD in real history, but I think the “banestorm” which is pulling bits of other worlds is an ongoing thing, so even more modern stuff can pop up once in a while.]

Each of us got a 1 paragraph mission/background note explaining why we are going to … The Keep on the Borderlands.  Although Tom was referencing the maps and NPCs there, I am sure things will be changed around, but in any event I’ve never actually played B2 so I’m pretty stoked about that as well.

We set out from Hawkwood, and learned the area is beset by vampires.  Our choices were to travel through the thick-canopied forest path which follows a river or to head out west and travel through the desert.  We decided that the refuge offered by running water was more important than the open space of a desert (which would make ambushes less likely).  The party consists of a dwarf cleric/fighter, an elf magic-user/thief, a human ranger, a human paladin, a human magic-user, and my half-orc cleric/assassin. (Sorry, no names, those are on my sheet which the DM keeps between sessions!) The lack of alignments does not mean the paladin and ranger can ignore the ‘no evil acts’ rule.  But since there is no alignment, alignment is not in itself a conflict for the party. 

On the road we camped on a sand bar in the river, and the second watch was awaked by a girl’s pleas for help.  Turns out she was a vampire, and while the vamps couldn’t get to us across the water they did send a pack of wolves and later a horde of rats, which we managed to defeat.  I came close to death in the wolf fight. Tom is running initiative and melee very much as written in AD&D…going by segments, so we declare before rolling initiative.  It made the fight pretty exciting.  The vampires then stalked off to seek easier prey and left 100 or so rats waiting for us on the banks of the river, which the ranger cleared by sweeping them into the current with his halberd.

Later we encountered a deer and killed it for food, and then the ranger felt that something was up — something else was stalking the woods.  We found bear-sized bird tracks and realized it was an owlbear!  (That may be straight out of B2.)  Lust for treasure in our hearts, we followed the tracks to its lair, and hoped to find it empty, but instead I found another owlbear, its mate no doubt.  This was Morax’s chance to shine, as I had already scampered above the lair entrance when we got there, and when the elf sneaked in to peek around, the owl bear came out.  A trap I had set at the entrance went off and gave me a chance to assassinate the owl bear!  (At 5 HD, I had a 35% chance, and rolled a 04! )  Having averted a TPK we looted the nest, finding a fancy gold cross, and then proceeded to the Keep. 

En route some elves asked us for help with a village of gnolls nearby, but we averred, having more pressing missions at the keep.

At the keep, we began to pursue our missions and make contacts, but time ran out and stopped for the evening.  I think we all wanted to keep going but it wa approaching 11 PM and most of us have day jobs, so that’s all for this time.

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  1. Hee! Glad my module’s getting some use.

  2. This was really the first session I had a chance to get back into the fold and swing of things and it was a blast! I think the group is very solid both in character and in players. We seemed to come up with a lot of different angle of ideas last night.

    I didn’t want to end the game last night myself but I think that was more due to the fact I already knew ahead of time I would be missing the session next week.

    I was very glad to see you doing a bit of a summary like this. I am hoping to see a similar post after next week’s game so I can keep filled in to an extent.




  4. It is good to see that you are running in Yrth. I play GURPS and when I started in the 80’s this is where my Fantasy campaigns took place. It is also nice to see that it has been converted. Interesting use of the setting with the Vampires being there.

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